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since Sep 20, 2011
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Recent posts by Athanase Percevalve

Good Morning Claude.

Thank you for the suggestion, which meets my own conclusions. Yes, a web service endpoint seems to be the only solution here. I am actually pretty free to add up to the legacy platform as long as it doesn't modify the running application. A web service is not as sexy as I would like the solution to be , but...

Again, thanks!
Hi everybody.
First of all, thanks for all the clever pieces of information I usually find here. Best help I can get.

Here's my problem:
We have a legacy application that's running in GlassFish v2.0. No, we won't migrate it to v3. Political issues.
My only option, theorically speaking, to connect to it is by invoking JMS Queues or EJB3s from outside.

Now for the crunchy part.
My duty is to develop an OSGi app running in GlassFish v3.1.1 that is to connect to the legacy app to fetch some old-fashioned data.

I've been sweating blood and tears, so to speak, to make these too exchange even a single (binary) word through JMS, until I found out that one simply cannot use JMS between GlassFish v2 and v3. Something to do with two incompatible Serial Context objects. And still, I have to figure out a way to build a bridge between the two. Don't ask, I don't know, I'm just paid for it.

So my question is: Does any of you have an idea? Any suggestion? A clue? How can I invoke a functionality of the legacy app from within my OSGi devs? I'm out of idea right now.

In a word: HELP!