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Recent posts by Tim Moores

The reason is like date object itself is heavy while sorting, applying index etc i.e. having issues when you need some performance.

Please elaborate what you mean by this, and why you think that; it sounds wrong.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:It said localhost and the IP text began 11. I thought local IPs began ≥168.

The IP has now been edited to reflect the proper value of 10 instead of 11. Note that there are various ranges of private IPs, including 192.168.x.y and 10.x.y.z
14 hours ago
With JavaMail debugging turned on, there must be a whole lot more output - post it in its entirety.
14 hours ago

I know PHP works well with mySQL

As does JSP. In fact, both work well with just about DB you care to use. Of course, you wouldn't access the DB from within JSP directly in a properly designed app, whereas with PHP, you have to. So that's one difference: for a quick and dirty app, or one that's not too complicated, PHP is OK. For something enterprise-grade, Java is likely better choice.
15 hours ago
(sound of swooshing sound) Tim, what you were trying to say in your previous post went right by me. Got it now :-)
1 day ago
That's hard to answer because we know so little about what you intend to do. "any third party server APIs"? Do you mean any REST API available out there taking any parameter and returning any result whatsoever? That's a tall order. Some REST APIs (namely those implemented using Jersey) use WADL to describe themselves, while others use OpenAPI. Many SOAP web services make their WSDL available. You could certainly build tools based on these description languages.

As to query building, the description languages mentioned above would certainly give you a head start. You could also look into GraphQL.
1 day ago
I don't know anything about Odata, nor have I seen it discussed here. Maybe it has support forums or mailing lists where knowledgeable people hang out?
1 day ago

It is Odata queries

That was crucial but missing information. Presumably OData has a Java API - doesn't its documentation talk about that?
1 day ago
I'm not sure I understand the question, but nothing stops you from keeping the SQL queries (for example) in a properties file, and subsequently use a PreparedStatement to execute them.
1 day ago
Welcome to the Ranch.

Where does come into play? Is that the same class you tried to obscure as com.mypackage.Result?
1 day ago
Maybe Erek can clarify what is needed. This sounds more like finding any logging solution than using a Tomcat valve in particular:

Any other thoughts or suggestions in regards to logging process times when logging to a database server?  

1 day ago
You could also look into a logging jdbc driver like p6spy. I don't know if it can log the duration of a query, though.

Some DBs can do this, too. MySQL, for example, can log all queries that take longer than a configurable number of seconds.
2 days ago
What does "not working" mean, exactly? What does or does not happen, and what were you expecting instead?
2 days ago

I tried with that one as well. No way to get it nearly as I want.

What does that mean, exactly? What was the result, and how did that differ from what you wanted?
2 days ago