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Recent posts by Tim Moores

A final static public variable of type Font would seem to fit the bill.
1 day ago
It looks like an exercise that you should be doing - is that the case? If so, any question as to what you should be doing with it are probably best directed at your instructor.
4 days ago
The first result I get when searching for "how can I enable google sign in on the android app" is the page Integrating Google Sign-In into Your Android App which looks highly on topic.
4 days ago

b. How the class AdPreference is associated with ad_layout.xml . How this class know which layout file to look for . since there is no mention of as_layout.xml file in this class

The association is rather obvious, isn't it:

< android:layout="@layout/ad_layout"/

1 week ago
I am near certain that it is possible. What results did you get when you googled that error message? I'm sure people have run into that before.

Also post the layout XML where you tried that.
1 week ago
What does "not able" mean? What did you try, and how did or didn't that work out?
1 week ago
Isn't AdMob a commercial product that should come with documentation? I'm sure they have example integration code available on their site.
1 week ago
It seems you have more than one JDK/JRE installed. Uninstall all but the most recent one, and use that exclusively.

If you type "javac -version" and "java -version" you will see the different version numbers.
1 week ago
Please post the steps you're taking to compile and run the program from the command line, in full, along with the text of the exception.
1 week ago
Is this a hypothetical scenario you're wondering about, or an actual problem you've encountered? It sounds like a bug to me.
1 week ago
It should be "(float) myMoney", not "float(myMoney)". That's called a cast.

Given that money generally has at most two decimal places, you might as well make myMoney a float rather than a double.

In a real application, you would never use floats or doubles to handle money, though - that's what BigDecimal is for.
1 week ago
Since you posted in the WebSphere forum, is this question about some WS-specific feature?

If not, the concept of web workers comes to mind, but that's a client-side feature.
1 week ago
This looks like an exercise designed for you to learn. So: what do you have so far, and where are you stuck making progress? If you haven't started, what ideas have you had?
1 week ago

the program I want to connect with, which uses javascript

So this is web service written in JavaScript, and it will be called from a web service that is written in Java? Or the other way around? Or not a web service but a library call? Please clarify the big picture, that makes a big difference.
1 week ago