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Recent posts by Tim Moores

Campbell Ritchie wrote:That didn't work for Dustin Hoffman.

But he got her, which is what counts.
3 days ago
The Brits have it tough these days: https://www.theregister.com/2020/09/25/brexit_travel_permits_not_in_beta_yet/

Choice quote:

The transport industry has yet to test the system and, according to reports, a beta version will not be ready until mid-December, with the release version not expected until April, well after the end of the Brexit transition period.

A Cabinet Office official told Bloomberg that beta is a standard labelling practice for a digital service that is fully operational. Experienced IT professionals may contest this definition.

3 days ago
It would help if you posted the code this refers to, and any relevant inputs and outputs pertinent to the issue: TellTheDetails

I guess the error occurs in this code: https://github.com/realm/realm-java/blob/master/realm/realm-library/src/main/cpp/io_realm_internal_UncheckedRow.cpp#L162. Are you using the latest version of this library?

Where are you encountering this error message if you can't reproduce it?
4 days ago
Welcome to the Ranch.

It generally works by people asking questions about programming problems they encounter. Posting code you have a problem with is good, but not asking a question about it gives us nothing to work with.
4 days ago
Illustrator is a vector app (and file format), so it's pretty much impossible to convert a raster format image to the AI format. The other way around would be feasible, although I am unaware of a free library that can do this. The commercial Aspose library claims to support that, though. I take it you have checked whether Adobe offers something?

You wouldn't need to do it in JavaScript as well (which is even less likely to exist anyway), since JavaScript could also access the service running on the backend.
Welcome to the Ranch.

This looks wrong:


Any network connectivity must not be done on the main (UI) thread, but in a background thread. Sometimes it works, but you need to be prepared that it does not, and is a bad idea to begin with.

On the other hand, the setting of pins sounds UI-related, so it must happen on the UI thread - does it? The error message sounds like it does not.
1 week ago

Monica Shiralkar wrote:But doesn't abstraction reduce the complexity of design too?

I guess you could say that. Although the *task* of design becomes harder (you have to consider the abstraction), the resulting design is cleaner (it has less coupling).
1 week ago
Pretty much. As Junilu said before, it's a different type of abstraction.
1 week ago

Monica Shiralkar wrote:polymorphism ... here whether it refers to arrayList or LinkedList the behaviour which the caller sees is the same.

That's not really what is meant by polymorphism. Polymorphism means the same type can behave differently. But here different types (like ArrayList and LinkedList) behave the same, as far as the client is concerned.
1 week ago
Welcome to the Ranch.

This topic is age old, but I think it is still valid: https://coderanch.com/t/111632/os/Java-MAC-OS

And no, I wouldn't use /tmp, I'd use /Users/luke (assuming that "luke" were your user directory on the Mac).
1 week ago
No. Just because client code doesn't know specifics of a called method does not mean the code complexity is reduced.
1 week ago

Does that mean the sole purpose of Abstraction is to reduce complexity of our code by this hiding of implementation complexity at the place of calling?


Stephan van Hulst wrote:The point is that by using List as the return type, you signal to the caller that whatever the implementation is NOW, they shouldn't rely on this because it could change at any moment.

The point is to keep the flexibility to change the implementation later if it ever became advantageous to do so.
1 week ago
Create two java.awt.Polygon objects (you already have all the data structures you need for that), and then use the Graphics.drawPolygon(Polygon) method to draw them.
1 week ago