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Tim Moores

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Recent posts by Tim Moores

Welcome to the Ranch.

This topic is age old, but I think it is still valid:

And no, I wouldn't use /tmp, I'd use /Users/luke (assuming that "luke" were your user directory on the Mac).
2 hours ago
No. Just because client code doesn't know specifics of a called method does not mean the code complexity is reduced.
7 hours ago

Does that mean the sole purpose of Abstraction is to reduce complexity of our code by this hiding of implementation complexity at the place of calling?


Stephan van Hulst wrote:The point is that by using List as the return type, you signal to the caller that whatever the implementation is NOW, they shouldn't rely on this because it could change at any moment.

The point is to keep the flexibility to change the implementation later if it ever became advantageous to do so.
7 hours ago
Create two java.awt.Polygon objects (you already have all the data structures you need for that), and then use the Graphics.drawPolygon(Polygon) method to draw them.
1 day ago

Yosuf Ibrahim wrote:I wanted to avoid having multiple methods to extract data.

Why? What's wrong with having multiple DB access methods? It's good practice to have meaningful names for methods (and everything else, of course) - sql_retrieveFromDB says very little, and in any sizable app there must be lots of methods that retrieve data from a DB.
Welcome to the Ranch.

What do you have so far, and where are you stuck making progress? If you haven't started, what ideas have you had?
2 days ago

Samuel Marchant wrote:a proof that at present exists neither for or against anyhow and is extremely unlikely in any favour against my code.

OK, I think that's what we have been trying to find out: there is at present no indication that the approach is yielding speedups, just a supposed likelihood that it does. It may be hard to attract users to your project on the basis of that, but good luck!
5 days ago
Assertions are just that - assertions. Without corroborating evidence they're as likely to be false as to be true.

The part about the server API is irrelevant if there's no speedup. It doesn't fulfill a business need.
5 days ago

Samuel Marchant wrote:
Keeping it out of read/write heads on critical software such as query driven sites utilise is another

the point you seem to miss is that there are numerous ways to do this, and it's not clear that the approach of using customized server  software is better, or even as good, as other well-established approaches. you need to convince people of the benefits of your approach, which seem clear to you, but they're not clear at all when looked at from the outside, as Tim H has explained in much detail. This is your chance to do so - run with it, and people are much more likely to be interested.
1 week ago
Search for "view binding". It's available on all recent Android versions, and built into the Gradle build chain.
1 week ago
So you have an encrypted text, and the encryption key, and are looking for the Java code to implement the decryption? Have you searched for something like 'Java aes decryption"? There must be tons of example codes out there, as this has nothing to do with Android.
1 week ago
There is no need to keep a connection open merely to be able to send a message at all times.
1 week ago
A URI is age-old. Google for the current JSTL URI.
1 week ago
If the app has something to tell the server, that's what REST is for. For server to client communications you can use Firebase client messaging, or whatever it's called these days. As I said, keeping the connection open is a bad idea.
1 week ago