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Recent posts by Tim Moores

Does it reflect that it's supposed to contain an image (I guess)? It should be of some size.
4 hours ago
Please don't edit earlier posts, now some of the replies no longer make sense.

Tim Moores wrote:Also, does "slikaDela" have an appropriate size?

7 hours ago
With that error message I would think it more likely that "bitmap" is null - is it? Also, does "slikaDela" have an appropriate size?
8 hours ago
That's not so much about thread-safety, it's more about the flow of control. It's not clear whether the access would happen before init() gets called. So it depends on the rest of the code.
Well, that's a different question for which we're lacking all the required information - like the code that is supposed to do that, how it gets triggered, etc. TellTheDetails
13 hours ago
You're running a web site for finding government jobs, and are asking us how to find government jobs? Seriously?
13 hours ago

now I want to run it without web.xml

Why? Have you added all necessary annotations instead of the configurations in that file? What you posted looks like Spring code - does that run without OK without web.xml?
13 hours ago
So "server" is null? Maybe there's a restriction on opening ports on that machine?
1 day ago
The first step in diagnosing an app crash is always to check the exception stack trace. You can find it in the logcat. Post it here in its entirety. It includes the line number of the offending code, giving you a good start with debugging.
1 day ago
Adding "e.printStackTrace();" to the catch block around the failing instruction.
2 days ago
In which line of code does that happen? Post the full stack trace.
2 days ago
Incidentally, a final version of GraalVM just just released: https://www.infoq.com/news/2019/06/oracle-releases-graalvm-19.0
3 days ago
Oracle has endorsed the GraalVM as an alternative to Nashorn. My favorite would be the time-tested Rhino library, which is now a standalone library. I understand that Nashorn can have better performance, though, so that may not be an option.
5 days ago
If the code is thread-safe (which means protecting access to shared mutable data) then it doesn't matter if the code is run concurrently for multiple users. Not using instance variables (at least none that change over time) in your servlet and filter would be a good start.
5 days ago
What do you mean, "you feel"? Is anything output on the client or the server side? Any exceptions?
6 days ago