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Recent posts by Tim Moores

You have been around the Ranch long enough to know not to post screenshots of error messages. In the future, copy the text and post it directly. That's much easier to read, and can be quoted and copied.

The error message is really quite obvious: The build file is referring to a directory that does not exist. And indeed, the directory mentioned in the error message does not exist according to the screenshot of your file system. We can't say where your build file goes wrong, but apparently "${src.dir}" is set incorrectly.
3 hours ago
There's likely an easier way to express the intent, whatever it is.

Instead of "A-Za-z" it should use "\p{Alpha}", or possibly "\p{L}" if non-ASCII letters are possible.

' is not a special character in regexps, so \\' could just read '.

Same for \\-, as long as it's at the end of the character class.

The \\A is suspect, it should probably just read A.

If you want to play with a Java regexps, try a site like
7 hours ago
Qualtrics as actually pretty well-known, so hopefully that will not deter people.
Welcome to the Ranch.

What does

Uncaught Error: Interface 'JsonSerializable' not found

tell you?
1 day ago
It's done all the time :-) In the simplest of cases, you'd use the JAX-RS API to create REST WS running on your choice of servlet container (Tomcat, Jetty, you name it). The kind of client(s) (browser, desktop app, mobile app, other web apps) wouldn't matter much.
2 days ago
What have you learned about Thread? Presumably you would not be given an assigmnent like this without the subject having been covered in class before.
2 days ago
That looks like homework you should be doing in order to learn something. So: What do you have so far? If you haven't started, what ideas have you had?
2 days ago
You can, but not if you pass in a null SortMethod. If you don't have a SortMethod, omit the parameter, and it will sort the elements in their natural order. See for the javadocs of both methods.
2 days ago

If I wanted a 3D Java library, as an alternative to Java3D 1.7, one that has more support for special effects, that is used in industry,
but approaches something like C++ OSG (Object Scene Graph), with many more options and powers that Java3D 1.7,
what comes recommended for Java?

I don't follow 3D programming closely, but check out  JOGL.

The JSTL, Java Standard Tag Library, part of the JSP, Java Server Pages system, has always been incomplete.  What
state is JSTL in nowadays?  Will anyone ever complete it, or likely?

In which way is it incomplete that tag files or custom tags can't address?

It has been suggested that Java may likely name mathematics operator overriding into the future, maybe within project
Valhalla.  I have plans on applying that upon so-called Arbitrary precision classes, either the default ones with Java
or those available through Open Source on the public internet.  Is Operator Overriding very likely to be put into openJDK in the future?

Whoever suggested that is likely misinformed. Guy Steele, one of the principal architects of Java, has long ago stated that operator overloading/overriding was considred, but decided against wrt. Java.

There now is no longer any Java Applet system.  Will there likely be something in the future, that will run inside web browsers,
supporting something similar, or even better, into the future, for Java?

Various folks are working on making Java work with WASM:

Is there a java android app at the Google Play App store?  If I am against programming in the Android language for an Android smartphone, but
want to program in Java, how does Java for smartphones, presently, work, also given openJDK v 17?

There is no such thing as the "Android language". If you're against using Java or Kotlin (which has some semblance of Java) you'll have a hard time on Android, unless something like Fluttr/Dart appeals to you.

If I want to combine the previous 3D Java library on Android or Windows smartphone software, how may one do that?

Android has OpenGL bindings, that's the main way to go with 3D programming.
3 days ago
Kulture Henson, welcome to the Ranch. If you're interested in contributing to the JForum software, you're probably better off posting at, which is where it is maintained these days.
1 week ago
I removed the duplicate posts and instead added this post to the JSF forum.

It's not exactly a deep link you're describing - it sounds like any other  page that displays data based on a parameter. Apparently you want to implement this in JSF? That should not be hard to do - what do you have so far? Are you familiar with JSF? If not, why JSF?
1 week ago
The page I linked to explains how to set the classpath for jshell - you don't seem to be doing that. And the CLASSPATH variable doesn't include the POI jar file, either.
1 week ago
Are you adding the POI jar (at least the main one) to the classpath? If not, see for how to do that.
1 week ago
Good for you to seek the input of others.
1 week ago