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Recent posts by Tim Moores

Then it would seem that it has nothing to do with the upgrade of Android Studio. Has it ever worked? If so, what was the last version that did work?

The error message says to use the --info, --debug, --scan and --stacktrace options; what was the result of that?
1 day ago
Does it work for older versions of the build tools, like 3.2 or 3.4?
1 day ago
Welcome to the Ranch.

Please post the code that you have so far, so we can take a look at what might still be missing.
Looking at the PSTFolder.getNextChild method, there has been a change recently that looks like it might do the wrong thing at the end of the folder (and thus cause this exception). Have you tried the 0.9.4 version? It doesn't have this change.
0.9.4 seems to have been a source-only release. The current snapshot can be found at https://github.com/rjohnsondev/java-libpst under "Clone or download"; that too is source-only. Building is easy, though: just "mvn install", which only requires Maven to be installed. The build craps out with javadoc errors, but at that point the jar has been built, and the tests been run successfully. I'm attaching both versions for your convenience.
It's my impression that the library is pretty good in general, so I would advise two things: 1) try a current snapshot rather than a release from 2016 - there have been lots of source code changes since then (there's actually a version 0.9.4 which doesn't seem to have made it into the repository, but that too is way behind a current snapshot), or 2) contact the author, as the project is still actively developed.

Angus Ferguson wrote:It is only for windows app and I am developing a Linux open-source one.

I just looked at that page, and there's nothing at all specifically about Windows in it (or any other OS, for that matter).
5 days ago
Also take note of the JavaMail FAQ entry about Gmail: https://javaee.github.io/javamail/FAQ#gmail
5 days ago

Please show us the code; many people don't click links in the fora.

No, please don't. The full code with resources etc. would be rather long, and wouldn't really serve a purpose here since it is not under discussion. In difference to Campbell, I also think that developers are OK with links to Github.
5 days ago
You can't. The browser won't send it, for security reasons. Why should the server care about the client file system?
5 days ago
So the app no longer crashes? But it does not do what you expect it to do? If so, TellTheDetails of what it does do, and at what point it deviates from what you expected it to do.
6 days ago
There may well be a release on September 10 - we'll just have to wait and see, won't we? :-) So far, no issues are associated with it, so time is running out for anything interesting.
The NullPointerException you mentioned in the first post no longer happens? And still the app crashes?
6 days ago
That's not output from your app, but from android. Please reread what Rob and I wrote, and answer our questions.
6 days ago