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For recommending an alternative it would to know what you need the library to do. For image processing I like the ImageJ library.
1 day ago
It's a good question - the mobile view does have buttons to jump to the top/bottom from the bottom/top.
1 day ago
This topic is now 9 years old, and Konstantinos hasn't posted since 2009, so this is unlikely to help. Nonethelesss I want to point out that nobody should use either version 0.7.3 or 1.3.1 of PDFBox at this point - both have been obsolete for years.
2 days ago
No, you can't share a GUI element between activities. But if all the activities have the same layout, you can refactor the common parts of all (including the GUI) into a base class, and then have all the activity classes extend that. That way you need to write the code handling the GUI only once, not six times.
2 days ago
What information are you looking for, specifically? JEE is a huge topic that nobody can master completely. If you're looking for a head start in any of its constituent technologies, start by searching for "XYZ tutorial" for technology XYZ, and you will find plenty.
2 days ago
There isn't a lot of choice: JOGL
Not seeing the full stack trace, nor knowing which line numbers correspond to which code, makes it difficult to answer this.

So the question for you is: which of the objects used in this code is null? Apparently it's one you assumed would not be null, so you may want to add code that checks all objects before using them, maybe by printing out their values.
2 days ago
Does whatever is in the resources directory make it into the classpath? The error message seems to indicate that it doesn't.
4 days ago
Make sure all classes are in packages (or did you just omit the package declaration when posting?), and that the fully-qualified class name (including the package names) is used in web.xml where appropriate.
Some issues that need to be addressed at some point:

  • Using doGet for altering the state of the server - the code should use POST rather than GET

  • Using local directory names like - the code should use directories relative to the installed server. On a production system access to the file system will be heavily curtailed.
  • i am not facing any  errors. ... I got errors

    That's the part that confuses me - what are those errors? Quote them here in full. What, exactly, are you doing when those errors occur? What is or is not printed out? Which lines of code are or are not being executed?
    A single regexp is probably not the best approach. Why not pick out the 5-digit zip code, and then everything before that is the address, and everything after it is the city?

    Street number gets tricky; maybe you can push back on whether that's really necessary.
    5 days ago
    Connect the phone via USB to your computer and enable USB debugging. Then "adb logcat" shows it.
    5 days ago
    The normal procedure would be for you to sign up with an ad network like Doubleclick - they'd have a developer site that tells you all there is know about integration. Coding all this up yourself would be a huge task, not to mention that you'd then have to attract advertisers to your site - who generally prefer to deal with an ad network precisely so they don't have to deal with individual sites.
    5 days ago
    Anything in the logcat?
    5 days ago