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Recent posts by Richard Blaylock

Of the people using Tomcat as an app server and Apache httpd as a web server in front of it, I would be interested to know who is using mod_jk and who is using mod_webapp.
Apparently there is now a JK2 connector (also known as Coyote) which replaces JK, so I'd also be interested to know if people have had success with that, and especially if people know advantages/disadvantages of one connector over another.
19 years ago
I read Bill Brogden's Exam Cram,
tried the mock exams listed on JavaRanch,
and passed on the first try this morning
with 86%.
I generally found the questions less tricky
than on a lot of the mock exams.
The exam was a little heavier on Threads
than I expected (4 or 5 questions), and
a little lighter on AWT (only 2 or 3).
Only one question on garbage collection, which
I though I understood, but I must have missed.
I guess if I had studied those areas a little
more, I might have picked up the right answers
I needed to push me over the 90% mark like I
wanted, but I guess I can live with a respectable
Good luck to all!
20 years ago