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Recent posts by Sam Kebab

I read somewhere that the US gov't might have tax incentives for IT firms that do not outsource (i don't know how they'll implement this in 2005 but could be interesting for the US worker). I have a feeling the savings from outsourcing of IT is not really that big when you contrast it with the total expense side of a conglomerate. So if you add a tax incentive, plus an already cheaper dollar - it can be compelling for a hiring manager to think twice before outsourcing.
19 years ago
I installed netbeans 3.6 today. The UI is beautiful. I am running netbeans on windows XP. It captures the XP look. The metal look is gone. Response was also fast, much faster than 3.4.
I also intalled jdk1.5 beta with the new jre. Applets/Gui are sharper and crisper. Response time is so much faster. jdk 1.5 is terrific. I am currently running streaming financial data and the display is just awesome.
Supports the new version of jsp/servlets. It also uses Tomcat 5.
1. I would love to work on a .NET project. (i will not accept a vb6 project though). XML-Web Services on .NET in my opinion is a trillion times easier to learn than the java camp variety.
2. Java and C# is like american English and australian English. Java and is like English and French. Java and VB6 and below is like English and Japanese.
Recruiters tend to place you where you are stronger. Strength is developed with experience.
20 years ago
I have done both and these are some of my impressions.
You normally get paid more with consulting. The companies i talk to give me the free hand for as long as i work within the agreed budget. If i hire another programmer that means i split the cash - so at the moment i work solo. (Of course the company thinks i am working with two other programmers). In the first few months i really enjoyed this freedom. The hours were mine. I worked at night and slept by day - or worked when i felt inspired. No more managers to answer to, no more junior programmers to coach. No more 1 hour commute, no traffic, no parking, less gas expense.
After a month or so ... these are some of the things i don't like. I miss people around me. I miss the 10 minute coffee break. I miss the lunch in a group. I (sometimes) miss waking up early to be at work at 9. (I get up at 12).
During the dry period when there are no projects - do what you want. Take another cert. Take your masters. Trade stocks, options, bonds, currencies. My worst trades were due to my 9 to 5pm job.
You will also have to seriously look at the downside. These days companies can change their mind in an instant. The five companies that really sound interested may be reduced to none. It is a good idea to get a downpayment before starting any project. I ask for 50% down.
In the next ten years i see myself moving more into education. If I lose my trading stake i will really have to get a 9 to 5 again. If all goes well i think i can retire into teaching before 45. Now to find something i can short.
20 years ago
I am running RedHat 9 and am wondering if Eclipse and the Lomboz plugin works well with this os. Any input will be appreciated.
I plan to download the Eclipse beta version M4.
Congratulations Vitor!!!
20 years ago
Real programmers use condoms.
I also received an offer for a business analyst position. I inquired about the job description during my chat with the VP. Well from what i gather the position required a thorough knowledge of the business process - and in this case the client was a bank. I would be in charge of requirements analysis. Then i'd give the analysis to the developers and they would create the program. I should also make sure that all the requirements have been met - before deploy and turnover. No coding.
IMO its a less stressful job compared to that of a developer.
But i am in the middle of another project so i might not take the offer.
20 years ago
I was thinking about the microsoft exams like: MCSA, MCDBA, MCSD.
Or, the technicians exam: A+.
20 years ago
I'm looking for a free xml and web services plugin for eclipse.
If you've tried any of those plugins and recommend it please let me know.
Yes. For example:
sout - spacebar : will give you System.out.println
There are many other. You can also create your own.
I agree. Me too.
Thanks for the input everyone.
20 years ago
Have you ever experienced a job interview where you happened to be technically superior to the interviewer/lead developer - and hell the whole team? Have you sensed their fear of hiring you - since you could very well do their job and do it 2x better?
My professor used to tell us (in a joking manner), if you want to get an "A" you need to play the dumb puppy part.
20 years ago
If you are open to netbeans try the "Refactorit" plugin.