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Recent posts by Ricardo Cortes

The iTunes Store is looking for senior software engineers. If you think you've got what it takes please message me. No recruiters or consulting agencies please. This is a fulltime position in Cupertino, CA.

Job Description:

The iTunes Music Store is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to provide new tools in order to support its fast paced growth. Join our exciting team that has been leading the online music industry by constantly developing innovative features since its launch in April 2003.

We are looking for a self starting, energetic individual who is not afraid to question assumptions and with excellent written and oral skills. The candidate should have experience developing large-scale web-based applications using object-oriented languages.
The ability to be a good team player under tight deadline constraints in addition to ability to tackle problems with imaginative solutions is key to success in this position.

- Minimum of 5 years experience in a professional, programming position
- 3+ years of application server development experience
- In-depth experience with Java programming and relational database systems

Preferred Experience:
- Experience with WebObjects, Direct-to-web
- Experience with Mac OS X development tools is a plus
- Familiarity with version control systems such as CVS or Subversion
- Knowledge of SQL language

- Experience with ORM mapping technologies (i.e Hibernate, Enterprise Objects Framework or Cayenne)
- Experience with web application frameworks (i.e. Struts, Spring or Tapestry)
- Sun Certified Java Programmer
- Sun Certified Java Web Component Developer

BS in Computer Science, Mathematics, or EE, or relevant industry experience is required. MS in Computer Science or related technical field is desired.

Permanent Resident/US Citizenship Required
14 years ago
Hi there,

Anyone know of any good SFTP packages for Java? I need a Java package that will talk SFTP to a remote FTP server over SSH. I've tried JCraft and it's really too slow for production use and I'm looking for a faster package. Any recommendations would be awesome. Thanks.
Hi there,

I need to write some code that performs trust chain verification of a root CA given a leaf certificate. I'm told there are 2 levels of CAs, an intermediate and a root. I have both leaf and intermediate certificate to use in the verification process. Does anyone know how to do this in pure Java without using the OpenSSL framework?
15 years ago
Very good information...thanks!
16 years ago
I'm running the Analyze Code feature of IntelliJ on my classes and one of the suggestions it gave me was to add initial capacities to my collections (ArrayLists, HashMaps, etc). Page 101 of "Java Performance Tuning" states the following:

Vector grows by creating a new larger internal array object, copying all the elements from the old array, and discarding it...presizing a collection to its largest potential size reduces the number of objects discarded

So, what happens if I don't know what the size of the collection will be? Perhaps I'm creating an ArrayList from a datbase call. Should I initialize the collection to some arbitraryily large number or should I simply use an empty ArrayList. Any input on this subject would be great as I'm attempting to come up with a performance methodology for my company.
16 years ago
Has anyone that's passed the J2EE Architect exam used MacOS X's OmniGraffle to write their UML diagrams? I have a professional copy of the product and there's a UML palette but I was just wondering if it was up to the task. Thanks.
Personally, I think anyone studying for any of the Java certifications should read the specification(s) at least once. The information presented is very useful for exam if not for professional day-to-day work.
Buy Marty Hall's "More Servlets and JSPs". He's got a pretty big section dedicated to filters and loads of examples.
18 years ago
SCEA is 3 parts and includes an assignment and an essay. I'd say that completing it is not an insignificant task and will provide a lot more value over any single multiple choice exam.
Get Mark Cade's book. He works for Sun and is directly involved with the Architect exam. Also, just about everyone out there that has taken the J2EE Architect exam has used his book.
I believe it's 2 years. Also, I remember seeing a thread discussing recertification where instead of taking all 3 parts again one will only have to take a multiple choice test to recertify.
Seriously guys. I would check the objectives for Part 1 of the exam. It has all the topics you need to know for the exam.
Yes, you have enough experience to study for the exam. I would suggest looking at the objectives from Sun's site to get a better idea (suned.sun.com). As for the answers to questions 1. and 2., with the exception of wrapping C++ calls using JNI, there's no real mention of C++ on the exam or DCOM.
Maybe I'm a little slow but I don't get what you are referencing Del...

Originally posted by Del Edwards:
hey Rufus, which do you prefer: "rednecks" or "short people"?