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Recent posts by Dmitry Kudinov

Hi Thomas,

Here are minimum marks that I got from one post in this forum:

Component Diagram ---- 40 ---- 26
Class Diagram ---- 40 ---- 26
Deployment Diagram ---- 24 ---- 17
Interaction Diagrams ---- 16 ---- 0
Risk & Migration List ---- 16 ---- 0
Part 3 Short Answer ---- 24 ---- 17
Total 160

As I can see, you failed in Deployment Diagram (you need to have 17 but got only 14).
Here is also good topic regarding the same situation: failed-although-enough-points

And I saw couple posts with recommendations for improvement of deployment diagram part in the forum.
Got email from Oracle today (was able to download score report from Pearson VUE last week) - passed.

Counter-- = 28
I've waited for 4 months and 1 week till I got my score report in Pearson VUE account. And one week more - today I got email saying the same thing - I'm in 1% elite of Java professionals.
12 years ago
Mahesh, I was able to download my score report from Pearson VUE on Thursday, 20, and on Friday I found record in CertView in ExamHistory about step 2 (Passed) which was absent there previously.
Still didn't receive email from Oracle and don't have the record under CertView/Certification History and can't download logo / publish credentials. Yesterday I've mailed to Oracle about that and I'll publish updates here when they reply to me.
12 years ago
Unbelievable! I got it!

Just went to my Pearson VUE account, checked score report and yes! I got Pass and 144/160 points

I didin't receive email from Oracle yet and in CertView I don't have logo for OCMJEA, but I'm sure I will have it in day or two.

I've submitted my assignment on 9th of June (Dreamcar) and taken essay on 13th of June - more then 18 week of waiting! And the most concern was that I will fail (deployment diagram section seems to be the weakest part for many aspirants) and after that I will need to wait same 4 months again. But luckily no.

I'm so happy! And I would like to thank this forum for all those answers I've found and for all those news I got from you guys

And it's a party time now!
12 years ago
Counter = 14 (9th of June uploaded assignment and 13th of June exam, Dreamcar)
So, most likely it works as LIFO instead of queue - who submitted later, will get results faster.
12 years ago
It seems that Java Developer Certification aspirants have exactly the same issue - who is uploaded their assignments in June / July (I guess, they also had transition voucher) those are still waiting ...
12 years ago
I also had that transition voucher. Actually, I did short investigation on this forum and all users reported that they submitted their assignments and took essay exam in June, are waiting (at least 9 people I found)
12 years ago

I'm in the same boat - submitted assignment on 9th of June (Dreamcar) and took the Essay on 13th of June - 17 weeks of regular mailbox checking.
12 years ago