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Hi All,

Part 1 - I gave the part 1 on 3rd September. Passed with 76%.
Part 2 - Downloaded the assignment (Factory Homes) on 4th Sep. Submitted Part-2 on 30th Sep morning.
Part 3 - Gave it on 30th Sep noon

7th October : I happened to check my result on oracle certification website on 7th Oct and it showed me as pass and I was allowed to download the logos and publish my result to 3rd party. It also showed that certification kit was being processed. However when I checked on Pearson website , it showed the status as "Taken" for the assignment and on clicking the link 'View Score Report' , a pdf opened that informed me that my assignment was pending. I wasn't sure if I had passed, so I kept quiet.

I had read somewhere on this forum, that on Pearson website, even if the status against Part-2 is "Taken" , the corresponding link 'View Score Report' gets updated beforehand with the pdf containing your pass status and the score.

I kept on checking every day, but the linked pdf on Pearson site was not updated .

12th October - I checked on Pearson website. The status is still -
Online Exam 1Z0-865: Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment (Step 2 of 3)
English Taken
View Score Report

However on clicking the link 'View Score Report', the pdf displayed my Result as 'Pass' along with the score obtained.

So I am sure, I have passed. I still though have to receive the official email from Oracle.

My personal experience -
Part 1 - it is not very difficult. Basically the Mark cade\Sheil book will get you through if you have sufficient architecting\design experience. I did refer the core J2ee patterns and GOF book for DP.

Part 2 - I found the beginning tough. The assignment was confusing -There were lots of assumption to be made. Had to spend about 2.5 weeks on just understanding the factory homes assignment and doing the class diagram. I had to revise my class diagram 6-7 times. Luckily, there was not much work in office, so I used some of my office time also on the assignment . In the end, I was left with the capacity planning part, for which I had not much experience and had a tough time doing that. Really had to slog in the last 1 week, to make up for the deadline. I uploaded the assignment on 30th Sep , 4 Am.

Part 3 - Gave on 30th Sep noon. I had not bought any voucher beforehand. So when I reached the testing site , their system for purchasing the voucher was down. I had to wait 2 hrs, before I could give my exam.

Overall, It's been a great experience giving this exam.
I have been a quiet, but frequent visitor to this website and have benefitted from this forum. Thanks to All.

8 years ago