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Recent posts by Shane Magrath

All good comments, thanks.

Anyway, will push on and "slay the dragon"...

This is what confuses me: why are there so many choices?

Some level of choice is good, but too much is not helpful. Why choose TomEE when Glassfish is already a viable OpenSource choice? Maybe it's a licensing thing, but ...

I'm not really competent enough yet to pick the important differences but my feeling is to back the Glassfish platform and get my hands dirty. Maybe then I'll be able to appreciate the differences of Spring vs JavaEE vs ... at this stage, I just don't want to pulled into the machinery and crushed by all the moving parts!
Thanks - that was a great cut-through-cruft response. I think I'm stepping towards the whole Java EE thing... looks like some heavy reading coming up!
I'm an experienced POJO programmer but recently have a requirement to build an Internet based Web application. I really haven't paid attention to all the Java based web technologies that have flowered in the last ten years. Now I'm playing catch up and I'm pretty confused! I want to develop an Internet application with the usual mix of requirements: web front-end, database backend, competent security, etc and don't want to suffer rework from picking the wrong stack. The trick is I'm not really in a competent position to judge what's important. I don't want to invest myself in orphaned or legacy technology, and want to be able to purchase a reasonable hosting service at some point.

So, is Java EE (eg GlassFish) the way to go, or is the Tomcat/Hibernate/... stack still the main game for Internet applications?

Should I commit to JSF development or is JSP still the mainstream choice de jour?

Hosting providers: there appears to be emerging support for Java EE hosting providers but they seem more expensive than Tomcat++ providers? Or have I got this wrong?

CDI is kicked around as a big issue, but I'm not sure how to think about it in terms of my requirements. I guess it's probably a distraction.

I've got to say: starting web-based Java development is a pretty humbling experience given my competence in "ordinary" Java development (aka POJO and Swing): I certainly feel I'm not in Kansas anymore...