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Recent posts by latha mary

Thanks Arvind, Fred,
Both of your ideas work great.
I made a mistake of assuming admintool as IHS shell script and tried ./admintool&
it did not work and searching for it.
As Arvind said it is a solaris tool and is a GUI.
and it is accessed by just typing admintool& in the shell prompt.
Since my servers are remote I need to export display to my machine where I have a x-server running already. That's it.
Fred's script is well suited for remote servers.

Thanks to you all.
[ July 26, 2002: Message edited by: latha mary ]
18 years ago
here is the infocenter link.
Kyle, Baba..anyone is arround here?
18 years ago
Thanks for your reply.
Uninstallling Apache is straight forward.
On Solaris, just one command to remove the apache dir as root
rm -R /usr/local/apache
That's it.
I did the same technique with IHS, ie
rm -R /opt/IBMHTTPD
but we get into trouble when you install IHS 1.3.19, some how it will detect the previous version 1.3.12 and tell us to uninstall it first.
We can not do anything more.
IBM infocenter says...
Uninstall any previous versions of the server:
Log on as root
Stop the server by changing to /opt/IBMHTTPD/bin
Type ./apachectl/stop
Type admintool &, at the command prompt
Select <Browse>Software
IBMHAENU - HTTP Admin Server Messages
IBMHL128 - HTTP Server LDAP Module
IBMHMENU - HTTP Server Manual pages
IBMHS128 - HTTP Server SSL Module (128-bit encryption)
IBMHSENU - HTTP Server Documentation
IBMHSLDP - HTTP Server Ldap Module
IBMHSMT - HTTP Server MT Module
IBMHSSRC - HTTP Server Source Code
IBMHSSSB - HTTP Server SSL Common Module
IBMHTTPA - HTTP Server Administration (run-time)
IBMHTTPD - HTTP Server Base Run-time
gskre301 - global security kit (If no other applications use this package)
gskrf301 - global security kit (If no other applications use this package)
gskru301 - global security kit (If no other applications use this package)
Select Edit >Delete
Answer "Yes" to the confirmation messages
It looks like the admintool a kind of GUI tool,
like the installer.
But a big question..Where is the admintool script?
it is not in /opt/IBMHTTPD/bin as the doc says.
I have 10 IHS servers, I could not find in any of them..
any help?. Thanks.
18 years ago
Anyone has done this?. Could you help me?
18 years ago
The FAQ says that
"The new Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 exam pass rate will be 52% (32 of 61 questions). "
1.4 exam could be very hard !!!
Hi all,
I have a M.S in Physics from UC Berkeley in 1993. I work in IT since 1999.
I worked on many java server side applications and moved to a higher IT position. I have few certifications also.
I have an idea to do M.S in CS or Software Engineering by online university courses.(Just to have a recognised degree in IT, eventhough my present employer does not ask for it.)
My question is, which university offers the best course 100% online?. (I see a lot of Ads, but which one is the best?)
Anyone is currently doing or done such course?. could you share your experience?.
Thanks for your help.
BTW, I work and live in Sacramento, CA
18 years ago
Hi Bhuvana,
I do the same self motivation.
Here is some sample certficate
I am also preparing for SCJP.
18 years ago
Hi all,
I have IHS 1.3.12 on Solaris 8.
I want to migrate to IHS 1.3.19
(as a part of WAS 4.0 migration)
The documents say that Uninstall IHS 1.3.12
and install IHS 1.3.19
How to uninstall IHS 1.3.12?.
They say that use admintool and remove a list of stuff.
It sounds simple, but i miss something..
Where is the admintool?.
it is not anywhere under /opt/IBMHTTPD/
As usual there is no more info on IBM site, infocenter, redbook etc.
WebSphere gurus, could you help me?
18 years ago
**Hope no one gets sick by repeated SCJP v1.4 exam doubts**
Well, I am preparing for SCJP.
My aim is to go further according to the road map of JCert initiative. (
The first skill in the roadmap is SCJP.
(Mentioned as 310-025).
The question is if I take version 1.4 test
(310-035) can I go further in the road map?.
Or If I put the question otherwise..
Can I show 310-035 in place of 310-025 wherever needed in the 'Certified Once, Recognized Everywhere' road.
Also for SCWCD requirement is clearly said as
Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.2
Did SUN announce yet about the usability of 310-035 in place of 310-025 ?.
Anyone can help me to choose the version exam ?.
It looks wise to write 310-025..but I personally prefer to write 310-035, (and get away from AWT )
could you give more info on your Websphere version?.
you can read the info center and redbook from IBM.
19 years ago
Hi All,
There is one more keyword added with Java.
It's name is "assert".
I do not know anyone has talked about this earlier.
Will it be included in the SCJP exam ??!!
Here is the link
Yes, you are right cfml is not part of std java.
But, you can run cfml (coldfusion scripts) under any J2EE compatible environment using a thrid party product called tagServlet.
BTW, do you have a plan to update your book
Enterprise programming with WAS for WAS 4.0
using WSAD 4.0 ?.
19 years ago
Make an alias in your webserver.
19 years ago
My websphere application runs fine nut only on port 9080 and not port 80. What can be the reason ??
What webserver is yours?
What is the version of your WAS?
19 years ago
oops ..
look at..
19 years ago