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Right or wrong:

I stopped this website and no more providing service to anyone! Better not to take these kinds of thread on my head!

Using the Key mechanism it will be more simpler.

Websphere Portal Exam 348 is very much similar to WPS 344 Exam. And if you notice the difference between WPS 4.x and 5.0, you will soon find out that, as a developer is concerned, it is almost the same(API) but it might differ in installation perspective(as an administrator is concerned.)
As far as exams are concerned, as long as you are certified in one of the versions, it shows that you are good enough in that skill set. It is impossible for anyone to keep up with this change in the versions in this fast growing technology era.
Mahesh V.C
HI Anil
Welcome to the world of do{} while() to handle StaleConnection Exception.
Whether you found a solution not to get this StaleConnectionException or not, you never know when is the next time it might occur. So I will definitely request you to look at any of the Websphere Connection Pooling Document to find out how they handle StateConnectionException by using "retry" parameter to handle the same. You can decide how many times you want to retry getting the connection and do the business logic if you are getting StaleConnectionException.
Reason for getting StateConnectionException are serveral... Check out the document for a detailed explanation on the same.
20 years ago
Addition to Howard's points,
If you opted for WAS TE 4.0 Server along with WAS 5.0 TE during installation time, it also will be there in WSAD 5.x
20 years ago
Hello Jim
Here is the other community group for Exam 486/UML alone. and register yourself...
Please take a look at this site....
HI Jim
This was one of the toughest exam from IBM with in the context that it is more of a real practical experience related exam rather than a "study materias and take the exam" type.
This exam requires you to prepare well some case studies and answer yourself many questions asked by yourself. For example, take a case study like course registration. And design something by urself putting some requirements. You will have some class diagrams based on your design. Ask yourself different questions on the relationships, what happens if you make one relationship from association to aggregation etc. So this exam basically test your real practical experience dealing with Object Orinted Design. I am not sure how much I scored(I think 84% or something), but it was a great pleasure taking that exam. Lots of exhibits. I should be definitely able to help you out for anything related to this exam.
Also, go to, there is a very big usergroup for this exam alone. I think it is moderated by one Mr. Bala P. He is doing a wonderful job out there for Object Oriented Design Community. His forum is helping a lot of people to pass this exam very easily.
Good luck. Yes, this is a great exam to pass and you will feel that you passed an exam with some practical knowledge.

Originally posted by Alan Ford:
You still failed to explain how come that:
More than 50% of the questions were from your Question Set
It is like 2 students turning in same code and explaining:
well it probability...
Thanks for stoping the tread (I hopw that you will stop selling
real questions since I would like to take those tests and
have industry that still consider them waluable.

HI Alan
You forced me to reply to your thread once more:-) Yes, 50% of the questions might be there as I am just able to produce only those much for the exam from my sample practice questions which are similar to the real exam questions based on my understanding on the objectives.
If you look at my sample product of WSAD 285, (I didnt even write the exam) I have questions which are based on my understanding of the objectives and sample questions in IBM test. If you look at many exam simulators in the market, it is obvious that they are all PUTTING A BIG WRAPPER OVER THE REAL EXAM QUESTIONS WITH LOTS OF OTHER QUESTIONS WHICH ARE NO WHERE NEAR TO THE REAL EXAM. Also, before I got into this business, I checked many simulators from Sun, Microsoft, and found that they are all doing the same business "Selling questions with wrapper questions over the real exam questions". I am sure, if this is not the case, Exam simulator industries wouldn't have survived and exam simulator companies cant say "99.99% success rate"
Anyway, as I mentioned before, for me it is a hobby business and I am enjoying it puttting my hardwork behind it. If I think, I am doing something wrong, I will never hesitate to let my customers know it.
Bye guys. Im on my trip to India.

Originally posted by jason adam:
Guys, hate to butt in, but this topic is starting to degenerate into something that would be better suited in the Blantant Advertising forum.
While I've considered commenting on it before Mahesh, I figure most users probably don't frequent that forum, so I turned a blind eye to your occasional "Good job, have you tried our product?" type posts in the hopes that they may help people.
Let's keep with the topic at hand. If y'all wish to debate the validity of, let's do it in the proper forum/post and not by hijacking a thread
Thanks y'all!!

Hi jason
I hear you and I am stopping this thread here.
HI Alan
I respect what you said. We in our question set didnt copy IBMs questions. We read their objectives and created questions out of it. If we were copying IBMs questions as it is, why shouldn't we get all these questions? We rsepect their copy right protections and everything but also believe that we can mockup questions based on their requirements.
As we said, these are all practice questions, which we believe that will be covered in the exam.
All Certification Simulators are doing the same without copying original questions from the exams.
I am confused:-)
How can you encapsulate EJBS and Web Components together, other than separate WAR files and EjB jar files, and put them in EAR File? Yes, EAR file contains everything, but your EJB Jar file (running in EJB Container) and WAR file (run inside Web containers) need to be separate.
Not yet clear? Pls let me know..
20 years ago
Can we know whats your confusions and so that we can direct you.
Enterprise Application -> (EAR FILE) application.xml
->Web Module(s) (WAR FILES) web.xml
->EJB Module(s)(EJB JAR FILES)ejab-jar.xml
-> Java Module(s) (JAR FILES) utility.jar files
This is as simple as that.
Still confused? Can we share your thoughts first?
20 years ago
WebSphere allowable type mappings
For WebSphere applications, fields that can be used in predicates, grouping or ordering operations must be of the types listed below:
Primitive types: byte, short, int, long, float, double, boolean, char
Object types: Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Float, Double, BigDecimal, String, Boolean, Char
JDBC types: Date, Time, Timestamp
CMP fields used in the SELECT clause can be of any type supported by the EJB container.
If a CMP field is mapped to a column using a converter function for finder and select queries, the field can be used in predicates of the following form:
field <comparison> literal_value
field <comparison> parameter
In this situation, the inverse converter toData( ) method is used to convert the right side of the comparison to a database value and the predicate is rewritten into SQL.
Examples of valid predicates: = 'Chris' > ?1
Examples of invalid predicates:
substring(,1,3) = 'ABC'
e.salary > d.budget
The field must be mapped to a table column that is compatible in type.
You can get more information from WSAD Help.
20 years ago
HI Chandra
I am not discouraging you but if you could at least look at Help Contents from WSAD, you will see step by step instruction about how to do all these things. Please let us know if you face any problem after that.
I studied myself a long back only following their help materials and there is nothing else to beat that. There is everything what you need. I faced the same situation you had before when I was testing my ejb but you will see that solution is just about following the right path of how to do it. Thats why you have WSAD Help "Tasks" to do it. You ask the question "How do I". They have answers for you.
Good luck.
20 years ago
Go to Web Deployment Descriptor, click on references tab, click on Resources tab
Click on Add button
(New ResourceRef) - replace this with the jndi name you gave in ur program. For example if you gave java:comp/env/jdbc/testds, type jdbc/typeds.
Type = javax.sql.DataSource (Make sure you havent selected javax.activation.DataSource:-)
Under Websphere Bindings
jndiname - name you gave while created your datasource.
Restart your server.
Good luck
20 years ago