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Recent posts by Booma Devi

Thanks for your reply.. I have solved the problem by specifying the system properties in ServletContextListener.
11 years ago

Can any one please help me how to get environment variables from tomcat's server.xml to apache logging file?

For Ex:

I have declared the environment name in tomcat's server.xml file like below:

<Environment name="logFiles" value="C:\Data\"
type="java.lang.Integer" override="false"/>

Now I want to access the variable logFiles from log4j file..

My Log4j File as below

<param name="append" value="true" />
<param name="File" value="${logFiles}/log/Project.log" /> ====> its not working...

I dont want to use catalina.home and java_opts setup.. I want to access the custom variables.
11 years ago

I have followed this link

If you still want one complete example with extjs mvc4 with spring and hibernate then I will post my code.
problem solved.

I am new to Extjs and trying simple grid using Extjs 4.2 MVC with Spring MVC application. I didn't get the output in Extjs. Can anyone please guide me how to solve this?


I am using spring with hibernate transaction management for testing the rollback behaviour. I have implemented the code like below.. But its not rollbacked. Can you please help to solve this problem?


Thanks for your quick response mathew. The problem is, I didn't include the schema name in hibernate mapping file. Now, its working fine.

Can someone please help to solve the below error?

Hibernate: select this_.EMP_ID as EMP1_0_0_, this_.EMP_NAME as EMP2_0_0_ from EMPLOYEE this_


I am new to oracle stored procedure. I want to know how to pass the list of values ('A','B','C') to oracle stored procedure..?

I used the IN clause (IN(@namedList)) in my procedure. please send me any sample for this...

Thanks in advance...
11 years ago

I am just providing the basic code using flex 3 with spring... It may be helpful for beginners in flex and spring..

I have created the dynamic web project with the name as Flex Samples Server. Put all the spring related jars in the lib folder under the WEB-INF.

In Server Side (web.xml)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

services-config.xml (\WEB-INF\flex(create folder with name flex )\services-config.xml)

application-config.xml (\WEB-INF\application-config.xml)

Getter and setter

service class

service implementation

package com.samples.server;

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

Flex Side ( I have created a flex project with the name as Flex Samples Client)

Flex side Properties set up:

Root Folder====>C:\Data\apache-tomcat-6.0.20\wtpwebapps\Flex Samples Server

Root URL ======> http://localhost:8080/Flex_Samples_Server/ ( you will get this URL after running the tomcat server)

Context Root =====>/Flex_Samples_Server

11 years ago
Thanks for your reply Bill..
11 years ago

Can anyone please help me how to generate the reports (crystal report) using spring+hibernate+business objects?

If anyone knows please send me sample code.
11 years ago
Problem solved...
11 years ago
I want to update the employee status as "Registered"

for the list of employee ids.. I tried with the below

code.. But update command gets hanged..

Can anyone please help me to complete this..

From Servlet I passed the List of values to the


ArrayList<String> empidList =new ArrayList<String>();


Method in Employee Status class:

public boolean updateEmployeeStatus(List<String> empIdlist)

String query="UPDATE EMPLOYEE SET STATUS='Registered'
WHERE EMP_ID IN(:empids);

Employee e=new Employee();


Map<String,Object> params=new HahMap<String,Object>();

params.put("empids",e.getEmpIDList); ------------> Passing employee ids to the IN clause...

int count=getNamedParameterJdbcTemplate().update
(query,params); ----------> gets hanged..

11 years ago