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Recent posts by swanand pawnaskar

I have deployed the app in my local tomcat server integrated into eclipse for testing. There the app gets published and working fine in the local environment.

On the shared tomcat hosting, I have uploaded the published content folder to the root folder of 'public_html'. It is not showing any log for problems. But i haven't changed anything to my published app in the local tomcat server before uploading.

The classes were all present at proper locations, but it is giving me error in the result.jsp of the test client. The input.jsp and methods.jsp pages showing properly in testclient.jsp page created using eclipse.

The same way the wsdl definition file is not showing and it says resource not found.

So, my doubt is that is there any other setting required while uploading the local content to the remote shared tomcat hosting in the app folder or xml files?
12 years ago
Thank you Ivan for your reply on my doubt.

yes. com.webcraftz.LoginServiceProxy is the class i have implemented using eclipse.

In the eclipse ide i have first created a dynamic web project, created methods into it. Then using the eclipse menu i have created a web service and wsdl file.
Using eclipse only i have created a test client wih jsp pages. It is using jax-rpc and axis.

I have downloaded the tomcat server from apache and I have integrated it into my eclipse. I have changed the following things in my local tomcat:

1. port no of my local tomcat server 6.0.33 from 8080 default to 8085.
2. changed server location to use tomcat installation
3. deploy path changed to webapps in the tomcat server installation directory.

Now, the test client is working fine with the ' http://localhost:8085/..... ' path and the wsdl is showing properly in the local tomcat server.

But i want to deploy it on the shared tomcat hosting on hostjava. There i have uploaded the same file structure which is showing properly in the local environment. But it is not showing properly.

I am pretty much a newcomer in the field of web services, so i am not getting where it is going wrong.
12 years ago
I have created a web application and created a soap web service for that using eclipse helios ide. I have also created the test client for the web service created usin the ' wsdl ' file created during the creaio of the web service.

I integrate the tomcat 6.0.33 and published the web application to it. When i try to run the wsdl or the jsp test client, it works properly and showing results.

But i wanted to host this app on the shared tomcat hosting server. So, when i uploaded the app to the shared hosting server and try to run the wsdl, it shows page not found and when i try to view test client jsp page, the methods pane shows, the input pane shows but the results page shows the internal server error.

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /webcraftz_mob_sol6Client/sampleLoginServiceProxy/Result.jsp(10,0) The value attribute of useBean com.webcraftz.LoginServiceProxy class is invalid.

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /webcraftz_mob_sol6Client/sampleLoginServiceProxy/Result.jsp(10,0) El valor el atributo de clsae useBean com.webcraftz.LoginServiceProxy es inválido.

The shared hosting server is having tomcat 6.0.20

So, is there any other settings required to host the app on the shared hosting server? I am the newcomer in the process of creating web services and consuming them and required a help in this regard.

Thank you
12 years ago