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Recent posts by Subodh Ray

Thanks, Roel De Nijs

Your links are very useful, and I also contacted with oracle for mandatory course training.
I have successfully completed OCJP6 certification, and now planing to go for OCMJD. But don't know too much about the preparation of OCMJD, please guide me about the OCMJD and also if there is any books or study material available except oracle's own study materiel. Is it compulsory to purchase study material from the oracle for OCMJD or without purchasing the study material, I can also appear in the exam?.

Jack Rider wrote:Hello, you might like to have a look to an automatic source code generator of CRUD portlets called

Just by defining and xml file with the tables and fields you need, you can generate full working CRUD portlets with complete source code.

Hope this helps. Saludos, Jack.

Thanks, Jack Rider
11 years ago
Hi Web Service GURU,

I have a wsdl url and I want to consume a secure soap web service using axis2, I am using eclipse IDE.
by using web service client, I am able to generate the java stubs from the wsdl Url, But now I don't know how to
consume the web service after googling I did not get any exact solution so finally hoping from you experts
to guide me to achieve the task.

Subodh Ray
11 years ago
I don't know is this the right place to ask this question or not. But I am unable to understand the exact functionality of "Service to Worker" and "Dispatcher View Pattern."
Why we need and when this pattern fit? Can you please explain me with simple examples, as I already read this link
but not able to understand, If any body provide me the easiest solution or simple example could appreciates me.

Hi Bert,

Now we are waiting for your Hibernate Spring Book, Please go ahead..
11 years ago
As I am new to Jboss Portal, and I want to know that, How Jboss Portal add default url as portal in Url.

For example, My current url is http://localhost:8888/portal/default/UserStrongAuthentication/UserStrongAuthentication?page=strongAuthError&action=2
and I know how to work default/UserStrongAuthentication/UserStrongAuthentication?page=strongAuthError&action=2
this part but, I don't know from where the portal is added on my Url.

Can any one help me to find out the solution

Thanks a lot.
11 years ago

I am new to Portlet, and develop a Crud application in Portlet, But I am unable to find out any good URL
which help me to develop a simple Crud application in Portlet.
and now looking for your helps, please provide me any good url which will help me to perform my task
or if anybody has any sample app. please give me.

12 years ago
Are you using transaction or any filter interceptor in your application. If not then please post your exact signature of method in resource layer, and how will you call it on your poster.
and if you are using transaction management with configuration then please check the methods type you allowed for it or if any interceptor then please check the interceptor configuration.
12 years ago
Try to use this way,

public String sayHello(@QueryParam("username") String username)
return "Hello "+username;

and call the Uri by using Poster plugin of Mozilla or etc.
12 years ago

Gian Franco wrote:

Subodh Ray wrote:...Now my question is, Is it right time to do the exam or I have to wait for
2 Years Experience.

...there is no need to wait for two years experience.

If you have enough time for studying for a certification, you should
go for the exams right away. It is a good experience and a valid
addition to your cv. If you don't have much time, I'd suggest to plan
for an exam in a couple of months and study a bit every day.

JavaRanch was a great help when I had to certify.

Cheers and good luck,


Gian Franco

Ganesan Ponnusamy wrote:Subodh Ray,

Remember that any SCJP/OCPJP certification is required for taking OCP for Java EE 5 Component/OCM for Java Developer/Java EE OCE certifications.

You better take OCPJP 6 (SCJP 6) to get this per-requisite advantage.

To attend OCPJP 7 you must complete OCAJP 7 (you need to take two exams).
Read this article =>


Ganesan Ponnusamy

Arjun Srivastava wrote:You have a question about SCJP and you are asking in SCJA forum. Strange


It was my mistake as, I am new to this forum