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Recent posts by Napa Sreedhar

Use load tools specific to the database for loading large files. (if more data logic is involved you might need an ETL script to trigger the loading process)

If you need a screen, ETL script needs to share job start times, end times, file location etc

10 years ago

I think you have to look into share point documentation on what java interfaces can be used for integration.

Google for Java interfaces to Sharepoint. I have found some.

10 years ago
You need a chat server program which can persist conversations (like have a DB or pesistent store at the server side). Chat client(s) can connect to chat server and communicate with each other.
Google for chat server programs in java, you can find many.
There is no limit on the number of portlets, that can exist in a single portlet application WAR file. If there is a limitation you have to look into the portal server provider documentation e.g. websphere portal or weblogic portal etc
10 years ago
Regarding Question2)
If there is a open source I would like to just browse through.

Or else I can werite my own file utility classes.

18 years ago
Regarding Question 1)
I am running a java program from UNIX box.
It is displaying all the log4j output which I want to back up into a log file,
Where as I only want to display user specific message on running the script i.e.
"The no of records in the file is 2000. Your processing speed will be 90 records / min.
Do you want to continue Y/N"

Regarding Question 2)
We have a strange requirement which needs large file(20k records) processing
As I am not good in perl or other scripting languges I want to use Java

each record in a file
may have (record format)
token 1, token2, token3

After processing each record I need to append the record
token 1, token 2, token3, Y
on success or failure

Please tell if I am unclear.
18 years ago
1. Construct two GregorianCalendar objects gc1 and gc2
2. Calculate Elapsed Seconds
long getElapsedSeconds(gc1, gc2) {
Date d1 = gc1.getTime();
Date d2 = gc2.getTime();
long l1 = d1.getTime();
long l2 = d2.getTime();
long difference = Math.abs(l2 - l1);
return difference / 1000;
long seconds = getElapsedSeconds(gc1, gc2)
int hours = (int)seconds / 3600;
seconds = seconds - (hours * 3600);
int minutes = (int) seconds / 60;
int ss = (int)seconds - (minutes * 60);
18 years ago
Also I am looking for good java file processing opensource similar to COBOL.
18 years ago
properties file

mon_range = 09:00, 20:00
tue_range = 09:00, 20:00
wed_range = 09:00, 21:00
thu_range = 09:00, 18:00

I wrote a java program which reads properties file, performs logic and confirms on user input from console. On typing 'Y' the user should be allowed to proceed?

Shell script is written to invoke the java program.
1. I have only one main method and I dont want to display unnessary logging.
More of selective logging from unix or java.

Could any one please help.

Also I am looking fo good java file processing open source.

Thank you
18 years ago
How to upload a file/image to a weblogic directory under context root.
19 years ago
I have to manage user signatures (gif) through a web service
webservice - saveSignature()
- getSignature()

How to upload and retrieve images from weblogic
table SIGNATURE(userid number(9), relative_path varchar(255))

Sreedhar Napa
19 years ago
I am really unsure why the result set is getting closed.
I remember reading that we have to maintain the order in a specific way

rs = cstmt.executeQuery()
process the result set while( {

// out parameter
It is not a good idea to get database connection meta-data .
Instead use the properties file to get a new database connection.

Common database activities like get connection can be put in a static final class.
I have been in both US(Silicon Valley) and UK(London) for few months.

For a software guy.
As far as software opportunity is considered I believe US is the place to be...

Taxing and Transportation
I find UK guys are the only people who tax for eating, sleeping and drinking as well ... just kidding... too much taxing..
Local transportation is the best in London, and if you dont have a car in US you are literally killed...

Life style and Savings
Both are equally good...

Time Outs
Much better in London (I mean Europe altogether).
19 years ago