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Recent posts by Abdul Wahab

Hi all,
I am trying to load Jqgrid based on the selected value in Autocomplete. My Autocomplete works fine but i dont know how to call (where to call) the event to load grid.
below are my code.

My Grid

Here i am calling the grid by button onClick event. i am trying to bind with Autocomplete onSelect event. how can i achieve this??

the browser will limit the number of simultaneous requests made to a particular server. This includes requests for things like images as well as Ajax requests.

that was informative . thanks

i haven't tested yet. i just want to know how much modern day browsers can hold??
What happen if i have too many ajax call on a single form (page). say around 8 - 10. does this create any performance issue . can anyone throw some light on it .
i figured out the problem, after carefully reading the jquery autocomplete documentation.
below is my working code.

hope it helps for others in the future..
After checking the result in firebug, i found that the data should BE FILTERED. Can any one help me how to achieve this??
My Autocomplete widget works fine for local storage. but when it comes to remote storage, it loads the entire data but not filtering
below are my code

If i pass the remote data as local it works fine. seems to be weird
any help??
yes, i have mention

in servlet and the client side as

datatype: "json"

i am using dataurl method to populate value for select box in edit option of my jqgrid. below are my codes,

i want to display value as Larista, Swede and Nappa. but i am getting as character values.
please view attachment for better understanding. Any Help??
thanks Yogesh. it worked like charm
hi Angus,
since you have basic javascript knowledge, try this book, http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596805531.do. its for intermediate one and the concepts are presented
very clearly. it is a bit lengthy alothough All the best
Hi all,
my jqgrid doesnt load data, but it showing loading message. i am getting a json data from server successfully.
below is my code

Servlet code

my Json data

can anyone help me in this???
hi, i am trying to pass json to jqgrid , can somebody help me to achieve this,
below are my code

below is my json data from successful retrieval which is to be passes to jqgrid