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Recent posts by Reshma Das

Iam planning to take this exam. Can someone give me links to any resources or mock exams.
Please give me any good book list which i could buy.
How long does it take to prepare for this exam?
Why Mumbai alone ? dont u want to have partnership with people from other states?
post ur Question people will be ready to answer.
As long as Mark is there u can post any question u want and he will reply.
He helped me a lot for getting thru this certification.
Mark u r great.
I used logging and i passed the exam. i wrote my own code for logging just like Log4j. have 5 different log levels. The examineer can change the level at runtime.
I develop it my office project andi used the same code for this project. i dont think i wasted any time here by using it.
if u have to develop brand new code then i think it does not worth that much
I was so busy that i forgot to thank u. u helped me the most. This site was very useful for me.
will u explain how did u got full score in general consideration and GUI ?
lock was done by server. client has nothing to do with locking. they will send the flight to be book. server will find the recNum and lock the flight.
I didnt pass any clientId.
i guess mine was very simple. i just completed the project in 1 full month.
i gave a small GUI for starting/ stopping server. Once start button is presses it contacts a RemoteServerManager which creates an instance of RemoteServerImpl. This Impl class will in turn create an instance of RemoteDataExtension.
RemoteDataExtension extends DataExtension which in turn extends Data. DataExtension will provide implementation of searchcriteria and other methods needed in both modes.
lock, unlock will be placed in RemoteDataExtension. I wont lock records for local client. locking was done in server.
When server shuts down it will issue a lock(-1).

My client will call a helper class which depending on modes(local/remote) which decides the class (DataExtension->local or RemoteServerImpl ->remote) to be contected with.
I will display the mode in status bar.
My search critiria can hold any no of combinations. I can add any no. of criteria without affecting my search criteria code. it will simply work.
My gui was once screen GUI. i had 3 panels
panel 1 i had drop downs for search criteria.
panel 2 jtable
panel 3 ticket reservation components.
I think what ever flow i did was good.
I had extra generic class for Error handling( Then for displaying alert and other generic stuff. i had a properites file for setting properties and logging mode. A class to read data from properties file. [ i guess these was too much for a small project like fbn . i might have lost points for these extra stuff. i explained why i did that ]
My directory structure was under scjd\starting i had build, docs, etc, lib, suncertify[ client, db, interfaces, server,util].
My documentation was good i briefed everything i did including the reason for using import a.b.c; instead of a.b.*; I gave simple class diagram.
locking :
i used in-memory array for storing data.(might have lost points for this too) when clients updates any record it gets updated in 2 places. so that when a new client comes we can serve him quickly.
moreover i will lock the records only after ensuring i have enough seats to be booked avoiding expensing synch operations.
i guess i didnt miss anything. pls feel free to tell me the mistakes i made.
- Reshma
Mark iam very busy with my project work. pls send me ur personal id , i will mail to u.
hold on if i get time during week ends i will mail my design. sorry for that.
After a long fight with SUN i final got my scores.
Grade: P
Score: 145
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual number of points you were awarded. This is provided to give you per-section feedback on your strengths. The maximum possible # of points is 155; the minimum to pass is 124. General Considerations(maximum = 58): 52 Documentation(maximum = 20): 20 GUI(maximum = 24): 20 Server(maximum = 53): 53
I got a mail for Rich saying this problem has been solved. i dont know how far this is true. still now no clue of results. on april 1st i recieved a mail from Monica that the accessor took my assignment to validate it , still now i didnt get my results. Helen replied on Apr 4 saying she got my essay exam. iam getting emails from them but no results.
I completed my essay exam on feb 3rd week. waited for 4 weeks then i mailed to monica . after big different attempts to contact sun, i got a mail stating my prometric center didnt uploaded my exam. then next week another mail saying the examineer is validating my exam. then still now no results.
is there anyone who is having the same problem? iam so sick of sun certification process.
it is so frustuating. every time to get a mail from then i have to cc to sun higher authorities. then they respond else there is no response from them.
someone pls email me the memory usage for request.getParamter("hello"). which is better situation in terms of memory usage ?
case 1:
case 2:
String hello = request.getParamter("hello");
20 years ago
I mailed to Sun abt the problems i had. He replied to me. Guys if u have issues pls mail it to sun so that they can take necessary actions.
I am responding on behalf of Bill Richardson. I am the General Manager
of Certification at Sun. I understand your frustration and concerns. In
December, we started to see the number of complaints on the essay rise.
In January, the complaints increased and we alerted Prometric to issue.
They investigated but didn't get back to us until February with an
analyse of the cause. Essentially, the essays were handled differently
than normal exams by the individual testing centers and in many cases
were not uploaded with the standard tests. Up to recently, Prometric
did not have a system of checks and balances that would alert them, if
an essay was not uploaded the day it was completed by the test center.
They have put a process in place and the upload issues have been almost
eliminated. If you do hear of any, please feel free to have those
individuals contact me directly.
Richard Bunzel
General Manager
Sun Education Certification
I mailed tons of email to sun. they apologized . but what is the use of it . they should show in action.