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Recent posts by aymen esawey

And the winner is : : : :
member 3498 ....
How do you feel now that you are a noodle prize winner ?
and please don't toss away the pebble iwant to put it in a necklace!!
20 years ago
alrighty then(still in happy mode):
don't get overconfident in those:
Decl&access ctrl,flow ctrl &exception hndlng,lang fund,oper &assignments,and yeah package.
questions never appear to be what they are so read answers first to know what they're about,and time is not an issue.
1* get the io constructors and methods real good,know what could be thrown ,and what to catch(only checked required).
2* know your file methods' return types.
3* know your string methods and how different from StringBuffer methods they are,when passed by reference to methods what really changes & waht stays the same.( string and wrappers immutable so you can never change there values contained)
4* know exactly what happens whith try-catch-finally blocks when exceptions thrown and when no exceptions thrown ,and return occurring in one of t-c-f blocks."just practice with (conditions and throwing) and (return and printing) and other statements inside try and after finally"i think i didn't get that one right so beware".
5* know equals very well,and how == is different and what classes override equals to behave differently than Object.equals()(for wrapper classes and collections and "String").
6* threading is stressed ,so better know your methods (join,sleep,wait,notify ,notifyAll)and their effect on threads state.wording is important.
7* synchronized code being accessed from non-synchronized code"real tricky get mughals' test engine its similar"
8* know your access modifiers ,how they affect inheritence in subclasses(inside same package and outside JLS has real good code examples read and play with the code amazing)also the effect with constructors."real tricky".
9* instance,class members and constants and and the inheritence either by extends or implements.
*** know that local fields can't be static .
10* static inner classes and the instantiation of them,and how it differs from non static inner classes.also watch out for access modifiers with those.
11* know your precedence and associativity(janeg tutorial got this)with casting ,bit shifting and arithmetic operations"that is in the absence of ( and ).
12* overloading and overriding ,overloading is independent,while there is rules with overriding not just throws and accessibility. also order of args in overloading.(native synchronized and abstract ).
13* order of constructors execution top to current.
and what methods get called in constructor of super if methods overriden"successfully".
* the effect of output io operations on the h/d,when is file created ,and where writing takes place("",true).

i thought i was so good in those and practiced alot on them still am surprised that i only got the easy parts wrong.

14* know your events and eventlisteners methods and thier signatures.
15* nested layouts and the resize behavior,flow layout honors "pr.size" and grid ,border don't.
16* really get a deep understanding of gridBagConstraints don't just read you'll never get it ,got to try some code"suns' tutorial best thing i found on that".
17* know conversions and casting.also in method calls.primitives and object references.
*** don't take every mock you see,only mocks discussed here or at jchq and you find to be useful ,that would only mislead you and slowdown your learning process ,i found that the hard way.
*** now you find some Q with code that you don't get compile and play with then write your notes and go read about the Qs' subject,you'll be amazed how your findings can be said in an easier way(but having Q in your mind then finding the answer surely stays til the next morning)
*** if you're new to the site just open the first 3 pages and see whats discussed,maybe some Q that would never come to you could popup and be solved on the fly."my desktop was also full of saved threads every night".
** bill brogdens' exam prep really helped me alot.
if any of the moderators find this posting to be not in accordance with suns or javaranch rules,just delete it.
note : these are fresh notes ,just passed with91% today.
just to end every thing(no future ,no judgement)
i can't help it am a muslim(outlaw now).
but this idea always pops to me,when ever i feel there's noway out for the world.
we can start it as a religion among java programmers(SUN).
every suned will pay a percentage of the money he gets out of java(hey a typical religion ,you won't feel different)
then we would design the bomb that will go into the sun.
and we will write the code to control its' carrier(yeah i read the comments in suns' demos,but who cares)
i'm just kidding ,it's just that nobody congratulated me for passing today
20 years ago
lets start a new one,about how to nuke the SUN(yeah that star)and end all of it(urghghgh)
20 years ago
when i find out what were the questions i got wrong i will post in the contributions thread(go through it ,it's a great help).
for now i'll just stay happy.Traps to be aware of in any SCJP test !!! :)
20 years ago
congratulations Paul
20 years ago
congratulations satya
20 years ago
congratulations michael
20 years ago
congratulations keerthidhar
20 years ago
hey i also like to mention:
int val.........;
hey val do you know some of the people writing the exam or what,your name came up at least 3 times
hey ranchers a BIG salut to val(usualy in my country music plays when you say that)he teaches us how to read the JLS,his quotes from JLS hit the point,another BIG salut to val(music plays again)
20 years ago
i don't know ,but i'm still so happy,i can't get the smile off my face ,and people think i'm sort of dum ,but hey i'm happy so so happy,when the lady in prometrics' center handed me the score report(i did't look at it while it was on the screen)i just said :thats f... NICE,she looked at me,and i said :sorry(with an empty smile).
i took the report and made 20 copies of it,and i made the man operating the photo-copier polish the glass before printing.
i think people are right ,i might be dumm.
whats up with the graemlins,thats not f.. nice,they should be allowed at least here:!cool:
[ March 19, 2002: Message edited by: aymen esawey ]
20 years ago

this would return true,as intern returns a interned string,better check JLS for intern,it could be amazing.