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Recent posts by shaileshkumar mistry

Hi Deepika

As you can see that Integer is a wrapper class so the default value when class initialized your intMoney will be null,

and when you do Integer i =intMoney the i also will reference to a null object.

so when you do an Integer x=i-10 the value of i is null , the wrapper object's can not convert null to 0 or vice versa so it will give null pointer exception.
9 years ago
Hi nick

you might be using annotations. if you are using annotations to map the url the entry wont be there in web.xml
Please check on top of servlet. you are finding syntax like

inhanced loop in your case :----
9 years ago
HFSJ --> Head First Servlet and JSP
9 years ago


till Integer 127.. Integer objects are cached. so if your Integer object hold the value less than 127 the value will be true if you try to do "==" operation two integer object having same value below 127.

and if two Integer object contains the value more than 127 and if you try to do "==" it will be false
9 years ago
Hi Shaji

List<Animal> list = new ArrayList<Dog> will give compile error . The sun developers white implementing generics faced so many problems.

if it compiles thought it will not if it compiles the List<Animal> holds the list<Dog> so at runtime you might try to add some other objects who extends animal. so, the problem is you have List<Dog> and you are inserting
some other objects extends Animal is not correct. if it is List<Animal> list= new ArrayList<Animal> the compilation will be fine because at compile time you can know that the object that you will be inserting in to the
List<Animal> will be either Animal object or the object of class which extends Animal

List<? extends Animal> list = new ArrayList<Dog> it is one kind of solution of above problem but though it is just to access the elements from the list not to modify to the list . if you have declare the list like this you can have the
reference of animallist who extends Animal class but compile time you try to insert the element to list compiler will give you error.

super.<method_Name>() is used to call a method of super class.
super keyword can be use to call the constructor of the superclass in the base class.

super keyword can not be used inside static methods.

9 years ago
Please find the below code for connection and retrive table names

Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:ex_dns_name");

Statement st = con.createStatement();
DatabaseMataData dbmd = con.getMetaData();
ResultSet rs = dbmd.getTables(null, null, null, null);

while (

You can use table names to fetch data in different excel sheets in your excel file
9 years ago

You can create a simple JDBC program to insert data from excel to your mysql database

what you need to do is create a dns connection with Excel. and use that DNS name while connecting to excell sheet.

9 years ago
Hi Guys,

It was awesome experience......

what a fantastic book written by Kathy sierra... hat's of to himm...

though I was a java developer I was not knowing so many things that i came to know after reading this book.. It took almost 6 months to me to be confident in writting exam..........
9 years ago