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Position Summary:

Provide high quality technology solutions that address business needs by developing and supporting applications within the mature technology and leading edge technology environments. Utilize mature and leading edge technology programming methodologies and languages. Adhere to coding standards, procedures and techniques and contribute to the technical code documentation. Remain aware of new technologies / programming languages. Perform unit and system testing. Participate in application support and enhancement activities.


Role-Specific Responsibilities

Specialize and develop expertise in one or more Constellation’s business applications.

As appropriate, participate in project planning sessions with Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Analysts and development team members to analyze business / technology requirements and outline the proposed technology solution

Participate in project estimating activities

Participate in design reviews and provide input to the design recommendations

Incorporate security requirements into design

Provide input to information / data flow

Understand and comply to SDLC in all planning steps

Adhere to security and control policies throughout design, development and testing

Ensure interface specifications are included in completed deliverable

Identify applicable system platform, components, and dependencies

Document the detailed application specifications

Translate technical requirements into programmed application modules

Develop / enhance software application modules

Perform unit, system and integration testing and participate in capacity / performance testing of an application

Create / test prototypes

Complete assigned project deliverables within business / audit control requirements

Identify and document ongoing maintenance requirements

Participate in code reviews and ensure that all solutions are aligned to pre-defined architectural specifications

Identify, troubleshoot and resolve application issues and code defects

Work with external parties to ensure production support availability.

Understand and execute release management and change management processes for changes to business applications.

Identify, troubleshoot and resolve application issues and code defects; escalates as appropriate.

Participate in root cause analysis and resolution as directed.

Provide off hours support as required.

Works closely with development teams to implement fixes as required.

Coordinate closely with other application support and infrastructure service areas for resolution of issues.

Understand complex interactions and look for causes and provide solutions.

Communicate effectively both over the phone and in written methods.

Adapt to a constant and rapidly changing environment.

Take ownership of a problem and stay with it through to resolution -- often involves coordinating the actions of people in other teams to achieve the desired result.

Willingness to work in a role where the operation of availability and time-critical systems is routine.

Review and provide feedback to the final user documentation

Adhere to technology disaster recovery procedures

Business Partnership

Establish working relationships with business and application development project team members.

People Management

Manage individual workload and deliver to agreed upon project milestones

Coach / mentor other team members as appropriate

Demonstrate ability to work in team environment and help resolve issues

Communicate status / risks to manager regarding delivering solution on time

Reports To:

Application Development Manager

Span of Control

N/A – Individual Contributor

Direct Reports

N/A – Individual Contributor

Required Qualifications

College degree, specialized training or equivalent work experience

Understanding of at least one applicable programming language and design technique

Knowledge of version and revision control practices and procedures

Knowledge of design and programming techniques that provide security

Knowledge of Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Knowledge of Object Oriented SDLCs a plus (e.g. Agile, Extreme)

Work Experience Required

Sr. Application Engineer: 7 years or more of relevant work experience.

Core Competencies to be Successful

The Sr. Application Engineer is NOT expected to know all of the skills at any given point in their career. The critical skills will depend on his/her current level and specific responsibilities within IS organization. Instead, this list includes typical skills that a Sr. Application Engineer may be required to demonstrate over the course of this role.

Business Applications: Pricing, Business Planning, Inventory Management, Sales & Marketing, Campaign Management, Enterprise Content Management, Wine System, Kronos

Office Automation: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Sharepoint, WorkflowGen

ERP: JD Edwards, JDA, Oracle CRM

Planning & Design: Microsoft Project, Visio, Clarity

Software Engineering: JEE, SOA, Open Source,

eSkills: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java/JSP, J2EE, XML / XLST

Integration Technologies: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Oracle Fusion Middleware including ECM, and Webcenter, EDI, Tidal

Modeling / Reporting Tools : Erwin, Metadata Tools, Cognos, Database Logical Modeling

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server

Standards & Methodology: Agile, Waterfall, ITIL

Customer Focus

Identifies ongoing customer needs for improvements and/or enhancements in products and services

Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of the internal and external customers

Develops and implements tools to measure customer satisfaction

Continuously monitors best practices and market trends against internal customer practices, provides recommendations for improvement based on those practices

Takes responsibility for quickly and efficiently resolving customers' issues

Team Approach

Champions teamwork by reinforcing cooperation within the team

Builds positive energy/attitude in the group

Demonstrates commitment to objectives and goals of the team

Models team working and collaboration, within the IS organization

Understands the relationship between individual, departmental, and organizational goal, and reinforces or communicates initiatives to collaborate when the need arises

Fosters an environment in which collaborating with others in expected and encouraged

Builds win/win relationships outside of own functional or geographical area

Accepts personal accountability for results of teamwork

Organizing & Planning

Defines and understands scope and expectations clearly and completely at the onset of a project or initiative

Demonstrates ability to manage a team and components of project or initiative

Plans activities according to priority, and continuously reevaluates the need to reprioritize or change strategies to achieve maximum results

Can think "outside the box" and does so to create the best solution to a problem or opportunity

Makes informed decisions that balance immediate project objectives and broader business goals

Gathers information from as many sources as possible in the time allowed, ensuring thorough understanding of the problem

Business Technology Acumen

Recognizes the trends in the industry and proactively determines different approaches to influence business results

Educates others about Constellation’s business procedures, processes, and technology

Creates and fosters well-established contacts throughout the business to assist with better understanding and quick resolution of customer issues

Interpersonal Skills

Establishes and maintains positive work relationships in the organization and the community

Supports different perspectives by promoting the idea that valuing differences enhances team collaboration, customer responsiveness, and productivity

Treats people courteously and equally regardless of their position, age, gender, ethnic background or interpersonal differences


Able to deliver "bad news" and no-go decisions in a balanced manner

Manages honest and direct customer communications and feedback processes

Is recognized as a "communication coach"

Develops a communications process that facilitates sharing all pertinent information, including the reasons behind changes, policies, and procedures

Adjusts personal communication style to the audience

Communicates, within own and other functional area, information regarding systems and processes that may affect customers

Delivers presentations that inform and hold the audience's interest

Initiative & Responsibility

Encourages organizational and individual responsibility towards the company, community, and environment

Facilitates "out of the box" thinking for peers and customers

Able to engender loyalty and earn professional respect by words and actions

Deals fairly and honestly with others

Upholds ethics and values and readily communicates their importance to associates


Continues to make effective decisions and remains productive during stressful or adverse situations by maintaining perspective and focus

Demonstrates a positive and proactive rather than reactive attitude towards change

Champions appropriate change and uses it to energize self and others, and to improve customer service

People Development

Accurately assesses one’s own strengths and development areas

Pursues activities to develop relevant competencies, including participation in appropriate learning and development opportunities

Utilizes available resources (e.g. online information, IS managers) to align education and training experiences to fulfill career goals

Keeps management apprised of project team and peer-level concerns

Refers potential candidates who embrace the principles of the Dynamic Organization


Creates an environment that motivates, inspires and respects others

Solicits others' input and ideas, shares all relevant information, and respects others' contributions

Demonstrates concern about influencing people

Tests various avenues for persuasion

Ensures that others have the job tools and resources required

Intervenes when others encounter obstacles and assists them in removing those barriers

Business & IT Strategy

Has a thorough knowledge of the use and impact of IT on the business and identifies potential issues or business opportunities

Understands how to apply technology to achieve business strategy

Uses IS cost and performance drivers to assess business's competitive positioning and identify gaps

Develops and validates implementation plans for specific components of the IT strategy (e.g. work plan, transitional architecture plan)

Scoping & Planning

Defines the planning deliverables following structured methodologies and tailors to meet differing needs

Maps the business processes, organization, and technology to the new solutions

Identifies gaps based on experience and recommended practices

Uses project management tools and estimates to scope and plan cross platform / cross functional projects

Design & Build

Creates solutions designs for complex functional and technical requirements, following key engineering principles to achieve expected results

Provides recommendations to project team on technical designs and analysis

Reviews work product and ensures standards are applied

Recommends resolutions to gaps and issues and defines appropriate solution

Demonstrates understanding of complex transactions and related configuration options across multiple functional areas

Assists project team through configuration design decisions and understands integration across modules, applications, and domains

Provides direction and leadership in the development of design specifications to ensure quality deliverables

Analyzes system response and determines tuning recommendations to improve performance (server, I/O, network, database, application code) across platforms to support business application

Documents own work and ensures technical areas of responsibility are well documented

Test & Implement

Demonstrates sound understanding of the testing process and can articulate the importance of quality assurance in the system development life cycle

Creates and executes test plans, test data, and scripts

Uses testing tools effectively

Raises issues and areas for correction from testing results and communicates them to project management

Traces business requirements through the test and UAT phases

Consistently uses configuration management processes and tools to prepare hardware /software for migration into Test / Production environments

Participates in cutover and post-implementation decisions involving area of expertise of application

Operate & Support

Has experience with IT Operations processes, policies, and procedures

Understands elements of operations budgeting process

Monitors delivery against SLAs and reports exceptions to management

Routinely evaluates current processes and procedures to identify and develop improved methods

Monitors the effectiveness of security protocols (hrdw, DBA, systems, network, physical sites)

Identifies potential business interruptions risks (disaster recovery)

Defines and implements comprehensive data backup, archive and restore procedures within primary functional area to provide data integrity

Monitor schedules and business requirements to generate reports in a timely fashion

Understands how to use available resources to solve user problems

Assists in training of users

Understands scripting best practices and is able to apply them in developing relatively complex scripts using common scripting languages

Actively participates and supports change control process ensuring appropriate prioritization and proper approvals to minimize risk to the business

Control and Manage

Demonstrates strong working knowledge of software development / engineering life cycle through activity planning and coaching others across the different phases

Manages small team or part of the project including project resources to achieve project objectives

Tracks and reports on project status to project leadership and/or PMO

Proactively identifies risks and issues and develops recommendations to address – communicates significant risks and issues to senior leadership

Identifies changes in scope, limits activities, and seeks change control process approval

Works on problems of moderate scope where analysis of data necessitates evaluation of identifiable factors

Demonstrates sound judgment in determining methods and techniques for achieving solutions

Networks with internal and external personnel in own area of expertise

Determines methods and procedures on new assignments and may coordinate and/or supervise activities of other personnel as appropriate

This is a direct Hire Java position. US Citizens and Greencard holder only.

Please send your resume to Amy Grismore-Burton.

12 years ago