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Hi All,

This is my first post in code ranch.

I am using form based JAAS authentication using Weblogic Server 9.2. I have created a custom security realm through which it queries the ADS for successful authentication.

The ADS is maintained by our client with all the Users inside.It has got a feature implemented which locks the user for 5 unsuccessful attempts.
Currently, for authentication failure, it's throwing a FailedLoginException and I can successfully retrieve the exception in my <form-error-page> relogin.html.
But I can't retrieve the exception for when the user is locked.

I need to directly get/read the error message from ADS(LDAP) and show it in my relogin page with some custom message.As of now for the 5th unsuccessful attemp, it's only showing the authentication failure message.

You can refer to the excerpt of web.xml given below.

Please help.


10 years ago