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Recent posts by Atif Shah

its a great effort and it really helpful.
but dont you think some help for part 2 and part 3 is missing ..... it would be great to have some info about 2 n 3 .
thanks in adv
i have developed one solutions using C# it is base on ATI commands.
but i have looked on solutions on net
utl is
i hope this might helps
22 years ago
but how will i get my Part2 question
will i get it before paying the fee or after
hi fiza,
i recommend Monson Haefel becuase it is good
(initially i could not grasp much but i tried to uderstand the overall idea and read again so things got pretty clear)
Masting EJB is also good thought i did go thourgh much i guess after reading Monson Haelfel i had t just skip many things.
but if you are starter on EJB then Mastring might help you since it gives you good starting ...
AS you have been advise my other guys ...
do try to understand .. i have good understanding of EJB but still i lost marks (i felt so bad .. may be it was my first test)
feel free to ask any thing ... people over here are g8 help
anyhow good luck.
no i havent downloaded since i gave my test last week .....
but i just wanna to have some general idea for part 2.
things i should care and look ..
and i even willing to work with some who might be intrested to work ans share
i have been developing and Desiging systems.
What i presive with fine grain and cross grain is
the level of abstraction.
the more highr level you go you reaching towards cross grain more low level for fine grain.
well you already have some expamples such
as acessing Entity bean using session bean
or accessing set of session bean using session fecade.
so in simple i understand it by
"what level of accessibility" an object have..
I have passed Part 1 and how planing to move for Part 2
Please i need your suggestions specially for those who have done part 2 (tell me what ever i needed to know for prepration of part 2) what is required to exam. and resourse to take help etc...
And now for those who also moving for part2 i would like to join them for prepration.
waiting for experts to speak ....
hi i m new to ORA 9 as
i have ora9
just installed i could not understand how can i operate it
i wish to delpoy one simple JSP a
nd session bean in ORA 9as <for example ... can any one help>
22 years ago
thanks Alex..
thanks for tips but i gave test before i coudl read your tips
It i got 78% i was pretty much confused and did pretty strange things from first 10 mins i couldnt concentrate on questions and didnt even saw diagram and not marked them ...
i finished all question in 50 min but ididn review them i dont know why my be too scared to do something stupied and it was too hot in the center...
but no excuses i miss many question on J2EE Applicability of J2EE (got 66%) and legacy Arch (55% i dont know y ....)
i got 100% in concepts but 5o in Common Arch (i was surprised thought there was very simple questions ) anyways i m happy that i passed but also said that i could have done it better ...
but i also belive
<< what has happend was the best you could do in that time>>> so cheers
thanks again man...
would appritiate if you could help me regarding
Part 2 exam ......
so that i dont make stupied mistakes .....
hast leugo
take care
thanks IAN..
so from where and how i should start part 2 prepration.....
any help....
Hello Every one!!
Eaxm was not that hard and that easy either.
pretty modrate question. but it was tooo hot in the test center and ppl seting beside. i was nervious... but i did what i could.
here is my marks details
Concepts 100%
Common Architecture 60%
Messaging 100%
Legacy Connectivity 50%
EJB 66%
EJB Component model 70%
Protocol 80%
Applicability of J2EE 66%
Design Patterns 80%
Security 100%
Internationalization 100%

Thanks for this forum and ppl who have provide lots of informaiton such as
Ian (web site), michal and Sandh etc... notes
My suggestion is STUDY, take you time before giving the test (which i didnt dot it )
Be cleared what you read get your barin understand what your studin.
It was my First certification so i was very much nervious and i decided to take test in very much hurry becuase i have too much work at my office
i have been trying to give this test from march but becuase of work i coud'nt so finally 4 days back i decided to start collecting my information and study..
Design Pattern is pretty easy (though i got one wrong dont know why..)
I tought i had pretyy good know of EJB (but i thinks its the triky question which mad me confused ...)
UML was very easy
i18n ,Message , Security is very easy.
one Should concentrate on EJB and J2EE
thank again i really got hugh help from this fourm and becuase of this fourm i decided to give the test.
Well as the patterns say it sperates the Interfaces from the Implementation.
AS per my understanding you can take it like JDBC-ODBC implementation(i think so :|) ). which provides high level interfaces to call and execute quries without exposing the implementation details.
well no it is not required to be SCJP or any for SCEA . thats why i liked it
since i did wanted to do SCJP now becuase now days its too common and it doesnt mean that one who has done SCJP has fair know of Java trust me i have seen not one many ppl who are SCJP and cant write a small program but they know things may be better then me .
Sun invites everyone tocome and give the test.
could you please give me any Tips regarding Test i mean which are the things which i should take care ( e.g marking a question, time send on each question etc).... any tinny help would be great form me
congrats !!!
I am plaing to give my exam in coming sat any suggestions ... (from any one)
this will be first certification exam so i really dont know what i should extact.. so kinda of...
any how.. some times i feel i have justified know abt Arch test but some time feel bit confused may be becuase i have never tried any Certification test.
share you suggestions......
Hi good Score !!! congrats..
i was planing to give my Exam today but cuze of some odd reasons (Promatic restrictions) i couldnt
but will so some time in next week..
I JUST WANNA To KNOW that exame has not been change i mean it covers till EJB 1.1 not EJB 1.2
any thing changes so far....?
good for Part 2