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Recent posts by Sriram Athreyah

Helen Ma wrote:Hi, Sriram. Congrats on passing the exam. I have been studying for the exam for over a year during weekends and evening . I started worrying about it. It seems very tricky.
By the way, when I took the practice exam using the exam simulator, the window is so small and I need to scroll up and down to see what is below and above. In the exam, is the window resizable so that we don't need to scroll up and down?

The Window is full screen, you won't have problems with scrolling up or down
sure Tommy. I'm planning to take the web component exam next.
is the "head first" by k&b&b the best?

and bell ! don't worry about your exam lab score. apply for the exam and be sincere in the preparation. I'm sure you'll clear it!
Thanks. I've not yet recieved any intimation from oracle regarding my passing of the exam
Hello dudes and dudettes of JavaRanch...
I passed my OCPJP 1z0-851 exam today with a good percentage(86 %).

It had 60 questions and time given to complete was 150 minutes(much more than required).

For people who are worried about how their exam will be, Please DON'T !!

I didn't know anything about java a month ago (I promise!!), If you're really sincere in getting your certification, do the following....

1. Yes, the standard book- SCJP by KATHY SIERRA (The Best...) := Please go through the 2 minute drills, exam watch, and the self tests !!

2. If you can't figure out why a given answer is wrong in a practice question, PLEASE RUN THE PROGRAM YOURSELF and see how the error or Exception or Compilation fail or output occurs.

3. PLEASE NEVER EVER EVER EVER take a mock test on the day of your exam....

4. In the exam, always go through all the options atleast once !

5. (optional, my favorite) NEVER review answers which you figured out the first time... only review marked questions (ie the answers you couldn't figure out the first time)

And now i'm a happy man(I'm only 22!) entering 2012 as a Java Professional