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Mohamed Iqzas

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Recent posts by Mohamed Iqzas

I have read the SCJP6 book during the beginning years of my career, and I fell in love with that book.

What is new after SCJP6 in this new OCAJP8 book?

Is it a must read book, if we have already completed scjp6 book?

I am not into certifications, I always read scjp6 book for my reference.
Weclome Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates!

You both are my Java Gurus. I always recommend your Java books to my juniors.

Thank You both a ton for the excellent books.

Alhamdhulillah! - Praise and Thanks to God for making me learn through your book.

I am glad there is a generalized Linux book for Developers. I am a Java developer consuming web services as I go.

I have used only Windows OS in my life, my Android mobile may have Linux system underneath it, but as a developer I have worked only for Windows.

Using this book, Can I learn how to create Web services on a Linux server for integration with other web services/app? does this book choose any particular programming language to demonstrate the Linux concepts?

5 years ago
I am not aware of AWS except that it is a cloud platform for hosting applications.

Do we need to have only coding skills to develop applications using AWS lambda, or do we need some networking or configuration skills to host an application using AWS Lambda?

Sorry if the question looks very silly.
5 years ago

Regarding the JSON syntaxes, what are the advantages in JSON we have over other form of web services?

Do we need to implement heavy parsing call back methods similar to working with XML? are there ready to use libraries for both Java and C++ while working with JSON?

I am working in an application in which client side is based on Java and server side components are based on C++.

Mohamed Iqzas
Hi Andreas,
Thank You for your time to answer the question.

So AWS is most probably can be used to create a new system instead of changing the existing systems? More of a hardware infrastructure service rather than a software offering....

I just gave an example to get better understanding, it is not a real requirement.

7 years ago
I have heard this term AWS often, but really don't know much about it.
if we want to process or search a condition in a large database of rules, how Amazon web service can be used?
I just gave an example. When we have most of the data in our own servers how AWS can help computing using their resources? Should the data be migrated to their end?
7 years ago
One strong reason for having web service is connecting two independent applications on two different platforms.
Now in your example its very much suited because the One company has to deal with another company, and its more likely that they have two different applications which deals with their own business information.
Now the insurance companies need to connect to the auctioning company through web service.
7 years ago
oh... Thank You so much!!
7 years ago
In my opinion, a person who is allowed to view a video should be allowed to view it anytime he wants.
I hate when apps load the video afresh each and every time, keeping in mind the cost of data download involved.
So better not to clear the cache.
7 years ago
I haven't worked much in web applications but I am still a confident web app developer because God, the most gracious, made me to read Head First JSP and Servlets.
7 years ago

I have gone through basic android developers tutorial but still not yet comfortable in developing a significant app with nice UI.

Now before trying to understand the current layouts, Material Design is being promoted in android developers website.

Will this book cover Material Design for UI? is it mandatory to know about it for learning Android Development?

And also what's the IDE of choice in this book? I started learning with Eclipse. is Eclipse still best for Android development?

Thanks in advance!
7 years ago
Can this book be used to optimize web pages for smaller devices as well as desktop? are those topics covered?
I am a team member who reads well defined specs and get tasks assigned from a boss and starts development/coding straight away.

Then there is my own testing, and then two levels of testing before I send my deliverables for deployment to production. there are occasional team meetings frequency of which depends on the boss under whom i work. Whenever necessary I am able to query the users/clients regarding any questions that arise out in the middle.

I am hearing this term Agile only recently. is it a recent hit in software development process just like bootstrap/jquery libraries suddenly boomed into popularity?

or I have been left out of the world for so long for not knowing it?

I think i have to learn Agile to stay relevant to the IT industry.
does this book "OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide" cover only new features in Java 7 or the entire Java language upto Java 7?

Thanks & Regards