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Recent posts by Porky Liu

maybe you can get all the element under priority-key, and then get the correct element with xsl:if test current() = $whatever, just like this

It's not easy, but I do think it can work
First, thanks for you guys suggestion

I would like to clear the issue here.

The xml waiting for transform is like this:

Now I want to transform a file like this to a html with a table. The table has two columns, and each one embodies the equal number's manager.

The target html page would like this:

You see, each column has a list with four managers. if possible, we are expected to split the section, and show it on two column just like the example above.

Actually, I have got a reasonable idea today.
First I would count the number of manager totally,here it's 8(So the issue coming, how to calculate it? I have tried to use position(), last(), count(), and it seems all these function is calculated based on the special context, in other way, how to calculate the node's number in golbal?)

then loop it

The xsl file I hold currently is:

Any suggest?

[ July 07, 2004: Message edited by: Porky Liu ]
[ July 07, 2004: Message edited by: Porky Liu ]
suppose you get the xml file as this:

How to transfer it into HTML, with two tables with equal section number, such as this

Company1 Company2
. Section11 . Section22
. Section12 Company3
Company2 . Section31
. Section21 . Section32

If simply go straight with xsl:if, it got the trouble with well-form

So any idea to deal with such issue?
Thanks, guys
Your suggestion is very important to me, and I'm quite appreciated it. I decide to register next week.
Thanks, again
I plan to try this certification. Since there will be a update of the exam, I'm not sure whether it's the good time to register now.
Any suggestion?
Sorry, I didn't express it exactly. Just as you say, system test helps us to discover the problem not to add. But it seems that system test is the root of "EVIL", right? OK, just kidding. Forget it.
By the way, any resource which you would like to share with us about this issue?
Dave, you must be a nice writer. Good analogy!!!
[ February 19, 2004: Message edited by: Porky Liu ]
20 years ago

Good job!!!
Actually, I'm now tortured by system test . And I would like to share my feeling with you guys
First, how to make your test process automatically is quite important, and it's also the most efficient way to do that. Totally agree with you Actually it's a job of how to batch your test points into script. Based on my experience, especially for the complicated test action, such as boundaries test, condition test, and so on, system test trully depends on the maturity of API provided by the application you want to test.A set of API with good test and well documentation will speed your test process. Absolutely!
Second is about the execute of system test. Do you agree with me that system test may bring high risk to project? I mean it's easy to run system test, but it's difficult to solve the issue found by system test. For example, after test, the DB server is down.OK, you may tell me to check the datasource_access code and make sure no connection leak.But how about system core dump. Memory leaking? Thread concurrency? These bugs are trully hard to clear.Actually, I'm responsible for the system test of one project. If I say tortured, I mean we only got the binary package for system test and the scripts with few comments embedded. If we got the error such as "core dump", it's hard to follow. All we could do is keeping check the suspicious code. So I just wonder any technology or methodology could apply to design system test, and help us locate the trouble code more easily. Sorry, let me focus on the execution of system test. About this, I do quite appreciate the words from Martin Flower.System test and integration test should be tried after each iteration of construction. It means to discover the potential bug as early as possible.Risk Mitigation, hmmm,make sense
Third is about the design of system test. I think Dave has said so much. But where is the complete issue list we should pay attention to when we are expected to do that?
Good job, Dave, thank you again.
[ February 19, 2004: Message edited by: Porky Liu ]
20 years ago
Usually system test focuses on the application level, such as performance, endurance, memory leak, connection leak, and so on. But how to initialize it and construct it is really a hard job, at least for me. Besides, how to set the scale and how to quantity the wellness are still a big issue. I'm quite green on this topic. Any advice? Any rules to follow?
Thanks in advance
20 years ago
I don't think it's related code itself,and the same one just like this:
catch(SQLException se){
By the way, your signature is very cool!
does not work means get error?
OK. one suggestion is to check the constraint of the column of userID
Now one Java class is expected to access DB2 database through JDBC. And when I retrieve the table list, there is error existed:
It seems related with the attribute of APPLHEAPSIZE, when it belows some degree, such as 20(I think it's related with the size of your table space), you can see the above error, but if updating it bigger, the error will disappear
So what's the key of the problem?
It seems that image could not be refleshed correctly within IE 6
And the image was encoded from the blob field of database,then transfer the stream to JSP. The image is the personal picture. The problem is when turning to the next person, the text info was refleshed correctly, but the image could not.

I must say it'll be ok under IE 6. So could anybody tell me what the problem is? Thanks a lot.
20 years ago
as I known, before you visit the local file,you must be granted the according privilege first. anyway, I suggest servlet+applet maybe provide a properiate solution
21 years ago
Now I want to implement message sending/receiving with both synchronous and asynchronous ways.So I want to know how JBoss, as web service,could do it. Further, compared with other service based on J2EE, what specific feathers does JBoss include?
21 years ago
My problem is that when some action happens, I want to re_layout the panel, but how to implement it?
my code is like this:
JButton buttonTemp;
public void ActionPerformed(Event e)
//re_layout the panel,
//for example, to add a button
But it could not work? I mean the butten could not been showed out
so how could I do?
Thank you first.
21 years ago