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Recent posts by Hamzah khammash

Hello ,
I am new to the Webservice i used wsgen tool to generate wsdl file and i have it now the problem is how i deploy it in tomcat ?
Initially i used Endpoint.publish to test my work now i need to publish it to tomcat
any help is welcomed
10 years ago
Hi Guys ,,
I want someone give me a hint about cashing the whole returned result set row by row to a map where is the key is the row index and value
is the whole row?
Help please
Hello ,
Is there a way to get a boolean value from the MYSQL database using JDBC using ResultSet.getObject() method
i know that there is ResultSet.getBoolean() but i don't want to use it because its need allot of code refactoring
I have question about <security-constraint> element in case i have 2 <security-constrain> elements one of them have <auth-constraint> element and its cover all roles and the
other <security-constrain> have <auth-contraint/> elements with no role selected and both of them have the same resource and <url-patteren>
in this case which <security-constrain> will execute ?
11 years ago
Hello ,
I have table in database that its primary key is incremented from sequence now in my jpa code i need to delete the row but because the primary key at this stage is null i cann't get the row ,
so anyone have suggestions /

Alex Armenteros wrote:I get this exception every time and never search for it as my programs are all working correctly despite this error.

I solve it man , it happened because i give an name for <session-factory> and this wrong so just removed my name attribute and it works , i hope it work with you to.
Hi ,
i have face a strange thing , i created a JPA project with hibernate annotations implementation ,when i run the application it give me this error

and then get the data i want so what is happened here ?

here is the persistence.xml which is inside src/META-INF folder :

and Hibernate.cfg.xml :

I faced this problem before it caused by persistence not correctly named and didn't give any output but now is strange for me .
hello i have this exception
in my code here is some file i used:

and hibernate.xml:

and main class:

so what is happened and how can o solve this ?
Hello , i am new to hibernate and this stuff ,i try to code a student-course example hibernate but always got a set of exception
this are the exception i will but the hibernate.cfg.xml file and the main class and factory class and hope somebody helps me in this example i used Mysql database:

here is the factory class which is the factory of SessionFactory
and my main class is : and my XML File is
so any help will be appropriated .
Hello ,
I am creating simple multithread call center application server received messages from clients with there IDs and response for each one independently i mean when server is send message to client1 client2 connot see it and same to client 2 ,my problem is when i send or received messages it not sent directly it wait until all clients and server to send then it do send and receive process i will put the code of server , client code didn't contain anything special

server thread code :

Java code :

i have xml file above and 4 classes school ,classe ,student,address and the above class i need a way to put xml constants to java objects for these class ?

Jesper de Jong wrote:There is documentation on how to use JDOM, including examples, on the website: http://www.jdom.org/downloads/docs.html

sorry but can you check my XML File because when i run it ,give me a spaces for a tags .