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Recent posts by Jack Yang

me too.I'm still waiting the reply from the 2 address.tomorrow is the expired date.I need them could deal it as soon as posible!
Thank you very much.I registered already.
By the way,when and where will you attend the exam?I'll attend on 25th.
If the deadline is on weekend,I think more people will be glade.
I vote to Feb. 29th
My certification was sent out on Oct.7th,but until now I haven't received it. How could I check it?
I read my record,the Certification was sent on Oct. 7th,but until now I haven't received it.Does anybody receive it?
Can you say more about your design?Specially on class diagram and component diagram.What things should be include in componebt diagram?
I got some questions about it.
1.In the class diagram,you mean you just show the Domail model,what's meaning? You didn't show the servlet,sessionbean?
2.In the Business Domain Model,what's meaning about Segment and Equipment?Do you show it?
3.For the component diagram,you said you show every class,does this mean you show all the classes in the component diagram?There're few threads talking about component diagram,can you say more about it?
4.What's the use of the TransMaster API Specification?I cannot imagin how to show it.
thank you very much!
How details should be included?If use rose to do the assignment,should I use the J2EE model at first?
thanks for reply.

thank you very much

Your message was edited since you quoted content from the actual assignment. Please read our policy on SCEA questions and refrain from discussing actual assignment issues.
Thank You!

[ August 13, 2003: Message edited by: Ajith Kallambella ]
Thanks Jitender.
I use rose to do it.For the Pay for Itinerary,the message is sent from other use cases,Price Itinerary also.How do you show the actor?

Originally posted by Jitender Bhatia:
>>Do you map the sequence objects to the classes?
If you mean do we use Class bject notation, well not necessary.

>>In the component diagrams,do you add servlet or ejb packages?

How do you solve it,Juti?Now you pass t already
Thank you very much,Jitender!
Do you map the sequence objects to the classes?
In the component diagrams,do you add servlet or ejb packages?
thanks again
But I'm confuse about these.4 sequence diagrams,do you mean just need follow the Use Case Specification they gave us?Just Pay for Itinerary,Prepare Itinerary,Price Itinerary and Change Itinerary.How about login,create profile...?
And in your diagrams,Basic Flow and alternative flows in the same diagram?
Do you map your classes to the sequance objects?
And for the EJB side,do you show the Remote and Home interfaces in the sequance diagrams and class diagrams?In the class diagrams,if use servlet,is it nesissary show <<Http_Servlet>>?
thank you very much!

Originally posted by Jitu:
No i did not change either the domain model or use cases.
I had provided :
1 class diagram
4 Component digrams
4 sequence diagrams.
It would not matter how many classes etc. you create. I had 17. Mostly domain classes and a few other. But no JSPs/Servlets etc.
You must cover all requirements. I named my classes appropriately, so it is easy to understand which class is for what.
Used and documented the design patterns.
Put notes in my diagrams where i felt it was necessary.
Kept my documentation clear and short.

Originally posted by Jignesh:
Hi All
I have just pass out SCEA with 81%
my break ups are
Class Diagram (44 maximum) ............................... 35
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ........................... 36
Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ............. 10

Congratulation!Can you say more about your design?