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Recent posts by srini manassu

Hello Ranchers,

Java is all about right use of API's, for which
I need to know how and from where I can download the reference which I can use it offline.
I tried the oracle site, but it has java 7's online documentation.

can any one please let me know the link to java SE 6 offline documentation download page, ...

PS: I am using Linux box.
8 years ago
Thanks for the links, I really wanted one.

Yeah this is the cool (simple) option, Thanks for letting me know.

I think you are a windows guy the .bat is good, thanks, I don't regularly use windows, but this helped me do some ``work'' with windows
9 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

I want to know how to install java i.e. in order to run java programs what are all the necesssary packages required...
in the same context I would want to install java on windows(XP) as well as on linux (ubuntu) systems,
and also can I be able to install different versions of java 5, 6, 7 on the same OS?

PS: kindly provide a link to get the java package (required to install) (5, 6, 7) versions.

Thank you.
9 years ago

I would suggest to leave out differences between JDK 6 and 7, go pick SCJP 6.0 book and start studying. Meanwhile, when OCJP 7.0 book becomes available, you'll be in good shape to go for exam (at that time, all you'll have to cover is differences between JDK 6 and 7 only - which shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks).

Any materials for preparation for OCPJP 7 available at this time?
Can I also take up version 6 now and later upgrade to 7? (until when the version 6 will still be available?)
kindly provide some input.

Sorry... But got no better option(place).
I'm really getting confused with this, I'm planning to take up OCPJP Exam this march, I contacted many people regarding which version of Java to take up, but I got various rather spurious inputs!
its going around in circles, please guide me which version to take up whether 6 or 7.
As far as I went through the version 7 has got quite a few makeovers and all of a sudden my mind is turbid~ please clear me of this.


Joseph Arnold wrote:Current version is OCJP 6. Get Kathy Sierra & Bates SCJP book to guide you in your preparation.

I was a bit confused as the Oracle website stated there is also java SE 7 exams being made available. :p

Larsen Raja wrote:1. If you plan to get certified for Java 6, you should be taking up 1Z0-851.
2. SCJP by Kathy Siera & Bert Bates is the best book
3. You can take free mock ups in Apart from this commercial simulators are available from enthuware, examlabs and a lot more.
4. Basically SCJP book by K&B should be okay, additionally may use Question bank by K&B for practice.

OK. Thanks for the info.
I very recently (7th of Jan-2012) joined coderanch.

Well, after going through tons of data I thought "A friendly place for programming greenhorns!" is just the best place to clear all my doubts one shot!
I'll try to keep all questions (of mine) really straight and simple (All regarding Java Certification).

My aim is to get Java Certified, as its the only way that some one can scale the skills (of course I say may be...), since I want to work in the Software industry.
To get this I will really work hard towards.
And also I have a fair programming experience in C and C++ in UNIX environment, will this help in achieving this?

My questions are:
1. Which version of Java is current and what is the current exam code or number, (I plan to give my exam in this Feb/March 2012) whether its 1z0-851 or 1z0-804?
2. The Books (Titles and Editions)?
3. The people out there at the ranch mention about mock exams (exam simulator Inquisition) what are these are they available for free as I am not employed yet
4. Is it really needed to go through these mock tests or are the books itself (with practice) does suffice?
5. Is SCJA Associate cert necessary (mandatory) to do OCPJP?
6. Fees (in India).

Please kindly reply your views, thoughts and just about anything pertaining to this.
Hey Congrats!

I too am interested in getting OCPJP but I am very much new to the language, but I have fair exposure to C and C++, will this come to play?
Can you share what was your plan on going with this? Did your bkgrnd helped you? i.e. I am from Electronics bkgrnd.

I need some help from you, can you share few of the details such as:
1. The syllabus.
2. Books to go with. (as I am new to the language)
3. Exam patterns.
4. Fees to be paid, to whom and the procedure involved (in India).
5. And all the inputs you can.