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Recent posts by Jane Griscti

Hi All,
No, not back to play. Haven't touched Java for awhile; finished my one project at work and have been buried in Notes development ever since.
Miss you all though and check out the newsletter each month. It's great to see the site doing so well ; not that I ever thought it wouldn't
20 years ago
Hi All,
Just saw the latest newsletter and wanted to congratulate Paul and all the JavaRanch moderators on winning the Java Productivity award; there isn't another group who deserves it more.
As usual, in the world of Java, JavaRanch Rules! (Have Map and Jim figured out how to take over the rest of the world yet? )
Take care
20 years ago
There's a full set of instructions at
Hope it helps.
21 years ago
Here's an article that discusses
different JDK's

A search of the
Forte knowledgebase
may turn up answers to your other questions.
21 years ago
LOL ... you gotta love the Russians; they're masters at applying the rule "the best defense is a good offense"
21 years ago
Hi Jennifer,
You can also get what you want by creating a custom component. Try the following, it produces 5 10x10 labeled buttons.

Hope that helps.
[ February 20, 2002: Message edited by: Jane Griscti ]
21 years ago
Here are a few tutorial links:

iPlane VisualCafe tutorial

Mathematical Java

If you search www.google.com you'll find others as well.
21 years ago
Hey ... a 'full set' is always nice Glad to see they aren't going to penalize the Russian skaters; the last few days can't have been pleasant for them
21 years ago
Just read a new survey/article on this topic that places all certification in good perspective.
Check it out
Certification: The Year in Review
Hi Dan,
There are some mistakes in the book. The first edition of any technical book invariably has errors; regardless of the good intentions of the author(s) and publishers. The publisher is currently working on an errata page. There is a partial 'errata' page (for chapters 1 and 5) at http://www.janeg.ca/java2.html.
Just spotted a new article on IBM DeveloperWorks site that might help you out

Java signal handling and termination
21 years ago
Hi Satish,
There are three things to keep in mind when using packages:
1. Java expects package names to match the directory structure
2. It assumes the directory structure starts from the working directory.
3. The fully qualified name of a class includes its package name.
Your first compile command

directory C:\java \p1.java

created the .class file in the c:\java directory BUT the file included a package statement so its fully qualified name became pack.p1.
The JVM expects to find the .class file in a sub-directory named pack.
When you compiled the file using

javac -d . p1.java

The -d option directed the compiler to place the .class file in sub-directory pack and that's the file structure you got: c:/java/pack/p1.class.
To run the file you don't need to change your classpath. Just make sure your working directory is one level above the package named directory. In your example, start at c:\java and enter the command java pack.p1. The compiler will look for the p1.class file in the subdirectory pack.
Hope that helps.
21 years ago
Hi Mike,
According to the site pages for JBuilder Personal 6, it is fully functional so you should be able to create servlets.

JBuilder Personal is a fully functional, entry-level version of JBuilder for personal, non-commercial use.

There's an example page Building Java Servlets with JBuilder that may help.
21 years ago
Hi Shivaji,
I am sorry you found sections of the book frustrating. We all worked at trying to produce an error free book but as Ajith stated a small number of errors and typos inevitably manage to slip through.
There is an errata page posted for the errors in Chapter 1 and 5 on my personal site. The publisher is currently working on one which will cover the entire book. Hopefully it will be available by February.
All the best,
[ January 18, 2002: Message edited by: Jane Griscti ]
21 years ago