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Gardner Buchanan

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Recent posts by Gardner Buchanan

I have a largish Java app that will run in IBM J9 on AIX, but it needs a MongoDB and that would need to be deployed onto an AIX server for production.
Has anyone seen or heard of a build of MongoDB for AIX?

I am looking at building it from source on AIX 6.1 which should, in theory, be possible, except that the toolchain for building Mongo requires SCons, which in turn requires Python, all of which have to be built. It's a relatively long road that I would like to avoid if possible.

Any pointers?

6 years ago
This is maybe a little off topic in this forum, but I am interested in a project that would require compiling non-trivial C programs, to target a JVM. There are a few potential solutions out there, but mostly pretty old and stale. Wikipedia lists about 8 C-->JVM solutions. My question is whether anyone here has tried any of these, and whether anyone's found a favoured approach. Which of these has actually worked for folks?
7 years ago
Thanks, but I do believe Oracle is meant to be supported -- both 2.1.8 and 2.1.9 -- which seem very similar -- have explicit support for Oracle. The install.jsp includes Oracle as a choice on the dropdown menu. The instructions on definitely list Oracle in a number of places. In the class directory tree I see oracle specific classes, jars and properties.
7 years ago
I've seen a few other JForum discussions in this forum and I know there are some JForum experts here amongst the admins.

I have JForum 2.1.9 deployed in WebSphere 7. I have a WAS datasource configured to point to an Oracle 10i database.
JForum deploys and I can run the install.jsp. JForum finds the connection and I can see that several tables and sequences are created.
But the configuration process ultimately fails with "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" thrown by oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleSql.computeBasicInfo(

I'm kind of at a loss what could be wrong. Is there an issue with my Oracle version or the Oracle JDBC driver version maybe?

Thanks for any ideas.
7 years ago