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Recent posts by Rae Burawes

Yesterday I've successfully passed OCEEJBD6 exam with 81%.
There are only 3 materials that I've used in may preparation for the exam:

1. Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1, 6th Edition - Read it twice.
2. Frits Walraven OCEEJBD6 notes - Read it 3x actually, thank you Frits!
3. And the last was Enthuware Mock Exam. - As always, the quality of questions and explanations inside the mock exam gave me a lot of confidence and deep understanding of the EJB 3.1 concepts. Thank you Enthuware.

I've spent almost a month for the preparation.

Mock Exam Result:

1. 72%
2. 78%
3. 73%
4. 70%
4 years ago
Congratulations Prasad! I do agree with you, this exam is tough. I've passed this exam last August 22, 2014 with 89% and it took me 3 months of review, 2 hours a day at least. Like most of the guys who took this certification my preparation started by reading Pro JPA 2 first and second edition books of Mike Keith and Merrick Schincariol. Second edition is not a must but I'm interested with what's new in JPA 2.1. Next was I've read JPA 2.0 specs twice. The last part of my preparation was focused on Enthuware Mock Exam, it's a big help and it will boost your confidence.

Right now, I'm starting to prepare for OCEEJBD 6, I'm looking at few books like Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1, 6th Edition by Andrew Lee Rubinger and Bill Burke, EJB3 In Action, Fritz Walraven's OCEEJBD6 and Ivan Krizan's OCPEJB6 study notes.

Once again, congrats!
I hope the explanation on this link will help you. This is one of the sites that I'm visiting since I've started my preparation for JPA Certification last month.
Today I cleared OCEJWCD6 Exam. I've prepared for 5 weeks. As most of the candidates said who had passed the exam. I read HFSJ 2nd Edition twice, read the Servlet 3.0 specs twice too. Thanks to Enthuware Mock Exam I'm very satisfied! Thanks to Exam Simulator by Piotr Nowicki, to other candidates don't skip the practice exam of this brilliant guy. Oh another thing! Don't forget to do a lot of codes, if you're confused on what you have read test it by doing codes.

Enthuware's Mock Exam results:

Test 1: 84%
Test 2: 88%
Test 3: 93%
Test 4: 79%
Test 5: 88%
Test 6: 86%
Test 7: 98%
Test 8: 2%
Test 9: 82%
FINAL: 86%

7 years ago
Congratulations dude! Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll be taking this exam next week and I have the same set of review materials (HFSJ, Servlets 3.0 specs, Enthuware and others). Wish me luck.
7 years ago