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Recent posts by janice white

I am new to JSP and servlet for 1 month, and there are many things that I am still unsure off.. Inside a JSP, I have a dropdownlist(the values inside are grab from database) and it would be dynamically created on the number that the user keyed in. Example, the user key in 3, this digit would store in session, and 3 dropdownlist would be generated.

I am able to do this, however I am unable to grab the value of all the 3 dropdownlist in a servlet. and instead of getting 3 diff values, the output repeat the value of the first dropdownlist. Example "john,john,john" instead of "john, ken, andy".



Can i set the downdownlist name like "list<%i%>", to set different id to each downdownlist? therefore i can retrieve each of them seperately???
8 years ago
How to get a textarea value when the value is retrieve from session??


<textarea rows="5" cols="37" id="desc" name="desc"><%=announce[i].getaDesc() %></textarea>

I keep getting a null when i use

String a = request.getParameter("desc");

Is there any method where i can retrieve the value?
8 years ago

What does the error "A previous error prevented bean from being created" mean?
I am trying to open up a Swing window in Visual Editor but could not see all the widgets. I can only see a "this" icon, with "i" indicator which is shown as the image attached.
I do not know how to solve this error..
Please help me.

Here is the code.
I can view the panel when i run it. But there is no image in the visual editor.