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steve kelly

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Recent posts by steve kelly

Thoughts on work from home trends? I personally love it and never want to go to an office. Originally people where complaining that they where suffering hardships but when their was volunteers to come back...out of 100 devs there was zero people interested. Now I am starting to notice more and more remote developer jobs. I am now wondering this forced experiment will revolutionize this idea. Then I see riots and lawlessness taking over where I used to go to work and shake my head say there is absolutely no way I am taking public transportation in and now I think I might just refuse to go in even after there is a vaccine. There just looks to be more and more WFH options. Thoughts?
1 year ago
Hey there,
Below is my code on a jsp page using jquery. I can get everything to work on java side and get value back just fine. But I can never get it outside the brackets at "Here2: " to populate the val entry field. the System out "Here1:" works.
If I move the populating of the entry field up within the success brackets a I get formatting errors. What am I doing wrong here?

3 years ago
We are using richfaces 3.3
5 years ago
Hey all,
I cant for the life of me figure out why my "selectedList" wont populate the right side list. I debugged it and there is values coming back from the bean. so I guess its something wrong with my screen code. Any insights?

Below is the code that I am running for it. The "aphisLst" comes back and fills in the left side just fine. Nothing ever on the right side though. What am I doing wrong?

screen code

bean code
5 years ago
Hey all, I am using BufferedWriter to output two files together. Well it all works well with the exception of special beginning mark characters being inserted into file at the point where the file combines. Is there an easy way to strip that out? Or some easy way to strip out first couple offending bytes that are causing this?
6 years ago

I got this code below that combines multiple file input streams into one file which works just fine. I close all the streams. Then I want the old fiels moved to an archive folder. ITs here where they always give me an error "
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process." What else do I need to close or do here?(I am using java 7 btw).

6 years ago
Hi, this works great for what I am trying to do. But I have tens of thousands of words I need to go through. Just curious if someone sees something I could do that would speed it up?
So the "getPhrase" returns a string with possibly one to a dozen words. I want to capture all "duplicate" words. Works great but I had to up the max memory to handle it. I am working on a project that memory usage and speed are a big issue. Any help appreciated.
(on a side note I suppose I could create a hash set and go through it that way. Just assumed using pattern matcher was faster?)

6 years ago
Maybe regex is not what I want. Basically I can receive a string " "John" "Doe"" or "@John Doe#" in my program. The only thing I know is that a blank space will always separate them.
I want these two separate strings broken up into an array. So above examples would look like below:


6 years ago
Hello, have an issue where I am almost there but not quite. I have below code

which outputs

but I want it to handle any and all special chars(like "!@#$%^&*()_+ etc) so i'd like to see below from original string.


How would I do this?
6 years ago
This is all I am doing. Its simply a hashmap with key as a string value and each key can have multiple string values. What I am finding is when I pass in my wordlist with id....if the wordlist happens to have duplicates that are in another key field that key field gets overwritten with below. So of course I am losing data.

6 years ago

Hey all, I wasn't finding the exact same situation in my searches some forgive me if been asked before.

I got a situation where I have some string values code iterates through vales and builds a hashmap of keys and lists pertaining to the keys.
Well I recent discovered when the values in a list are duplicates of a prior list my key value changes to the last one it found.

For example hashmap has keys "1","2" each key has a list of strings.
Well when key "3" comes in and it has some of the same values in the list as key "1" , my hashmap now changes to "3" and "2" and key one with all "1" values disappear with key "3"'s values. IS there a map type to use or some way to prevent this?

6 years ago
One soup request. Heres an example of original request, Youll notice the AddressPArties Id's are both "1" but they have different address's on address line1 field. I want to performAction on both AddressParties separately in the java code. Right now I only am getting the data for the last one sent in. I guess its a valid scenario I need to handle. Hope this makes sense.

6 years ago
We have xsd files defining them. Below is an example of a field I want to be able to allow to send duplicates of. I want to set "Part123" with one address and "Part123" with a different address. When the soup gets mapped it just maps the last one sent. IS that what you wanted to know?

6 years ago
Is it possible to send a duplicate soup request? I couldnt find where to read about that or what topic that would be under.
Basically, I have a situation where two almost identical requests can get sent but right now the response comes back as one response. I wanted visibility to the two responses and the one gets dropped off
6 years ago
I recently made a build and now I get these extra name space fields appearing. Not sure what I did differently?
So now I get below response

as opposed to my previous build:

This of course breaks a ton of automated tests.
6 years ago