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Recent posts by Ratih Pertiwi

Hi everyone,

I developed my web app in Windows environment and need to deploy it on Linux, but i get a problem in database connection.
My web page is not connected with database automatically each time onload, we must click "Reload/Refresh" in web browser to get connected with the database.
I have no idea what's wrong since it work well in my laptop on localhost which is Windows.

Can you tell me any suggestion to solve this problem? I use connection pooling to my database in MySQL. I developed the application using Struts framework, and deploy it in Tomcat server through JBoss.

Here is some code I write:

1. context.xml

2. web.xml

3. connection pooling class

Any response I really appreciate it.
I have almost similar problem with you, I developed my web app in Windows environment and need to deploy it on Linux.
It has been 4 month since your post, have you solved your problem?

If not yet solved, maybe it was so late, I think you need to check your code below in context.xml in line: url="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/database_name?autoReconnect=true". Maybe you forgot to change "localhost:3306" with url database where you get the hosting. Make sure the username and password too.