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since Feb 07, 2002
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Recent posts by zack ma

Does JVM gurantee operator ++ or -- thread safe?

Ajith Kallambella,
Would you please delete my notes,thanks!
Your message was edited since you quoted content from the actual assignment. Please read our policy on SCEA questions and refrain from discussing actual assignment issues.
Thank You!

[ August 15, 2003: Message edited by: Ajith Kallambella ]
Got the Voucher(Beta -- Business Component Developer for J2EE) from Sun 5 mins ago.
Con Lu, it is not the time for you to take SCEA. It seems like "Ba Miao Zhu Zhang".
Suggestion: try SCJD first.
Dave Cronin, You are excellent, 95% for step I. How did you get that?
Marcelo Sousa Ancelmo, It tooke me about 2 months(night only) to finish the step I.
A good summary for my working exp.
Good luck!
[ May 21, 2003: Message edited by: zack ma ]
Just passed SCEA I with 87%. It is a nice testing indeed, sumarry of my 5 years java working experience. Ready for part II and Part III.
Good luck.
Book: SCEA study guide, master ejb
Mock: One is enough,
[ May 19, 2003: Message edited by: zack ma ]
Gof book is good,indeed.
I read it 3 times. I could not understand the concept in it when i first read it 5 years ago.
If I had time, would read it again.
Don't ignore the code examples, they are classic.
That guy is just kidding us, J2EE first release is in 1999.
EJBObject for Proxy pattern, EJBHome for Abstract Factory pattern
RMI-IIOP just for java client.
You should first give some info about your project, such as requirement, framework...
20 years ago