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Recent posts by John Paterson

Tim Cooke wrote:What does the code for the link look like?

Hi Tim Cooke,

This is the code for the form, I was expecting to be brought to the index.jsp page after filling and submitting this form, but instead I am getting to see the directory listing.
6 years ago
Hi, posted this in another forum and am posting it here now. I am trying out form based authentication and data source realm. The application starts off with a page(logintest.jsp, outside the admin folder) that asks the user to click on a link to view the admin applications, the login page(login.jsp, located inside the admin folder.) appears after the link is clicked. The problem I have is that after typing in the correct username and password,I am expecting the index.jsp page from the "Admin" folder to be displayed, but instead I am seeing a directory listing for the admin foler. I am not sure what is wrong. The following are the contents from my context.xml and web.xml and also the app directory.



WebApp directory
- admin(folder)

Hope someone can advise, thanks.

6 years ago

I wonder why Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates and McGrawHill did not come together to write a book for OCEJWCD(1Z0-899). Those who studied their book for the Programmer certification would be familiar with their style and probably will be more comfortable.
Hi guys,

I have both the java 6 and java 7 sdk and jre on my machine, which is Windows 7 ultimate(64bit). I am trying to get to run a web project that was based on java 6. As I was about to set the environment variables, I noticed that there already is a 'PATH' variable whose value is C:\Program Files(x86)\Java\jre7\bin. I was about to change this to point to jre6, when I realised that java is actually installed in the 'Program Files' and not the 'Program Files(x86)'. Why then does the value point to Program Files(x86)folder? Hope someone can help explain. Thanks.
8 years ago

Congrats melad ezzat!! Did you go for the Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert exam?
May I know what text you used as a study guide? Thank you.

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the replies, appreciate it. What happened was yesterday I purchased the voucher from Oracle. They slapped a tax of $29.43 in addition to the cost of $322.00, meaning the total is now $351.43, that's when I was beginning to wonder if it would have just cost $322.00 if I were to pay directly via Pearson VUE. Anyway I went through the transaction at the end of which the order status mentioned that I would receive an email notification with the subject line: "Your Oracle University Order Has Been Received" and that I may have to perform some additional steps before the order can be completed. Almost 24hrs has passed and I have yet to receive any such email. If the voucher is going to be more expensive than directly paying via Pearson VUE, than I am thinking if should cancel the voucher. Sergej Smoljanov, congrats on having passed the OCA. Ms Mala Gupta thanks for the link, I really appreciate that. I have heard about the books you wrote madam and I am flattered that you actually bothered to help me out here. Thanks.

If anyone knows of any price difference between the voucher and Pearson VUE, do let me know. Thanks everyone.
Hi guys,

I have some queries regarding exam registration.

1. Is it possible NOT to buy any voucher from Oracle(or any other vendor for that matter), but instead make payment directly while registering for
the exam via the Pearson VUE website?

2. Assuming it is indeed possible to pay and register directly via the Pearson VUE website, will it still be possible to reschedule the exam if need be,
as in move it to a date before or after the date for which I had initially registered?

Hope someone can advise. Thanks.
Hi guys,

Thanks for reply. Appreciate it.

Lahiru jayasekera wrote:Will, SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide:Exam 310-065 by kathy and bert, suite for this exam?

Hi Lahiru jayasekera,

Yup that is a very good book to use to prepare for the exam. All the best.
Hi Folks,

I have this doubt.

In the above code, x.toString gives a NullPointerException. I believe this is due to the reference variable x not pointing anywhere as it's declared null.
That being the case, why is the line System.out.print(x) printing null to the console? Hope someone can explain why this difference. Thanks.

Hi Henry Wong,

Thanks, appreciate it.
Hi Folks,

In page 503 of the Kathy Sierra book, there is the following sample code:

With this invocation:

java SplitTest "ab5 ccc 45 @" "\d"

It gives the following result:

count 4
> ccc <
> @<

My question is, how can the count be 4? My understanding is that the value being assigned to the token array should be the number of elements left after the digits are removed. Hope someone can advise. Thank you.
Hi Folks,

Just to verify. The above mentioned objective 4.4: "Given a scenario, write code that makes appropriate use of wait, notify. or notifyAll". Is this no longer in the syllabus for OCPJP 6? Thanks.
Hi Folks,

I have a doubt about when exactly does 'natural ordering' take place in a PriorityQueue. Have a look at the following code:


[arrow, pink, ball]
[ball, pink]

My question is when I printed pq, the result I get is not ordered, however printing pq after invoking the poll method seems to give me an ordered result of the remaining two elements. This seem to imply that ordering took place
only after the poll method was invoked. However, if I were to replace the poll method with a peek and than print pq, the result I get is the same as the first print statement: [arrow, pink, ball] and not [arrow, ball, pink] as I was expecting after observing what happened after the poll() method. Why this difference? does ordering take place only after poll() gets invoked? Hope someone can explain. Thank you.