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Recent posts by Peter Steiner

If I want to install 32bit Java 8 on a (older) 64bit Windows system:

Do I have to use the 64bit package installer for that or the 32bit?

In other words: Does the bitness of the package refer to the target Java installation or the target WinOS System?
4 weeks ago
When I login into oracle and go to Java JDK download page then I can find only versions v8 and v17 but not v11.

Are users searching for newest v11 forced to download v17?

3 months ago
I downloaded v11 resp v14 of 64bit Java from Oracle webpage to my Window system and extracted it to my own directory (e.g. D:\java\test64bit\)

Now I want to use 64bit Java programs WITHOUT having to change environment variables like


How can I start such 64bit Java programs anyway?

Is there a way to set temporarily environment variables by using a DOS batch script and code:

SET JAVA_HOME=D:\java\test64bit
SET PATH==D:\java\test64bit\;%PATH%
java -jar myprog.jar

Will this be sufficient?

What about needed drivers?

For which purposes do I need JAVA_HOME?

1 year ago
I have installed successfully the newest JDK Java version 8u131 for my 32bit Win 7 system.

Now I want to activate the Java Plugin/AddOn in my Firefox v53.0.2
When I go to the appropriate menu in Firefox then there is no Java Plugin/AddOn entry.

So I cannot activate it.


Java itself is running fine when I use it for Java programs outside of my browser

How can I install now AFTERWARDS the Java Plugin/Addon in my browser?
or is it only possible at installation time of Java?

Is for the Java Plugin/Addon a JRE installation sufficient or is a full JDK installation required?

Assume I have various Java installations on my computer (v7 and v8):
How can I tell the browser to use the v7 Plugin/Addon rather than the v8 Plugin/Addon?

Thank you
5 years ago
As I found out since a few versions it is not possible any more to completely uninstall


users can disable it from auto-start but not completely uninstall it.

In the past there was a separate "uninstall" entry in Control Panel.

I cannot find such an entry any more.

Is there really no uninstall possible not?

5 years ago
As far as I know when the user clicks a WebStart link on a webpage then (at first) only a *.jnlp file is delivered to the local computer resp. the browser.
Afterwards it is oftentimes described that
1. An appropriate JRE environment is launched from the local computer
2. a *.jar file (with the actual application) is retrieved from remote web server and started within the local J2SE environment.

Some related questions about this scenario:

1.) Can I load a JRE environment from another, local inhouse network drive/computer instead of the local computer?
2.) Can I load the *.jar file from another, local inhouse network drive/computer instead of the remote (Internet) server?
3.) The application *.jar is put into the browsers cache.
   Assume the network connection is broken after the first successful download. Can I start the WebStart application out of the browsers cache anyway or is a running
   network connection absolutely required for each start?


5 years ago
Normally, when I try to connect a Java program to a MySQL database I need a MySQL driver e.g. "mysql-connector-java-5.1.40-bin.jar".

Therefore I have to add the path where this *.jar is stored to the CLASSPATH.

However assume I don't want to change the CLASSPATH and don't want to peek into the current CLASSPATH.

Instead I want to copy the *.jar to a directory which is (almost) always included in CLASSPATH (on all systems) by default.

What is the recommended folder for that?

Is there a dedicated "driver" subfolder in J2EE installation for that?

As I found out there are a couple of java related subfolder in



Can I delete them all?

Or is the folder with the newest version number needed (even after successful installation)?

6 years ago
Sorry for these newbie questions:

As far as I understand there are (only ?) two base implementation of the JSF spec: Sun RI and Apache MyFaces

1.) Can I use these base implementations on arbitrary application servers or are they tied (to which ?) applications servers?

2.) Are additional JSF libraries (e.g. RichFaces, IceFaces) only an add-on or can the replace completely the base implementation?

3.) Dó all additional libraries work with BOTH base implementations (mentioned above)?

4.) What is the "market share" (roughly) of the base implementations and libraries?

Thank you
10 years ago