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Paks Shukla

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Recent posts by Paks Shukla

I am developing a web application. and my java web page calls a applet which is inside signed .jar file.
when I open a new browser and run my URL, it's giving me security popup which I have to allow to run my applet.
but if I deny/cancel the security popup, it's not asking me again on page refresh.
What I have to do to get that popup is I have to close browser and again run that URL.
I want that popup should come if I refresh page. Please help me out.
Thanks in advance.
9 years ago
Hi Paul,

below is my applet code. Can you help me out with my code.
I have one more issue in my code for mac os that I will let you know later on.

My applet code does everything what I need (it download, install and run the application). Now I just want to display static text whatever going on in my applet.
I have set a 'text' variable then repaint() the applet but it's not working.
Please suggest me here..
9 years ago
Sorry. But I am new and I am not aware about this rule.
I'm stucked out in my program and thought to get solution from anywhere.
I'll be careful next time about this.
Please let me get help this time.
9 years ago
I am new bee in Java. First I'm sorry if posting at wrong place.
I am developing 1 applet program which download the file from server to user system then install it and run it.
My issue is I want applet text to change according to process going on. If it is downloading file from server then it should display "downloading...", if it is installing then text should "Installing...", and at last "successfully installed..."
How can I do that? Please help me out.
Thanks in advance whoever help me..
9 years ago