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I appreciate your commitment. I don't want refund even if i found more than 3 errors. I know the effort to prepare a material for such new exams.

Just revisit your questions with Account, SavingAccount.. contents.
I found one question with exactly same content copied from spec (com.acme.AlertMonitor), just change this to some other name.
The spelling mistake question i remember was "Which of the following options will guarattee that the entity data is up to date with the database?"
Improve your transaction related questions with JPA related (like adding EntityManager code) instead of having only EJB methods.

Jhon Milton
10 years ago
I just cleared OCE JPA certification with 94% score. Thanks to all and javaranch.

I started preparing in the month of December 2011. When i started preparing this exam my knowledge level in JPA is very poor, but i used CMP EJBs in many projects.

December 1s week:
Started looking JPA exam objectives from Oracle's site.
Downloaded JSR 317 (JPA 2.0) specification from Oracle

December 2nd week
Purchased enthuware JPA+ V6 for OCE-JPAD 6.0
Started reading questions from this product and found many mistakes. I remember many spelling mistakes as well (ex: Which of the following options will guaratee..?). The product is just copied specification examples and trying to create questions and forgot to change the variable names in all places (questions..choices). There is no question found for "introducing auction application" chapters. The product is not like what others posted in javaranch. It is simply a simulator to know how jpa exam is and not upto the level of Oracle's expectation.

December 3rd week
I got allocated to overseas assignment and my preparation got distrubed.

On March 27th I return back to my home
Started looking my preparation again.

On April 1st week i purchased Pro JPA 2: Mastering the Java Persistence API book and oce jpa training lab from epractize labs
Looks better than my previous investment. The training lab from epractize labs covers all exam objectives in different study formats.

Pro JPA 2: Mastering the Java Persistence API chapter 9 clears my doubts in criteria API.

I prepared for almost two months with these study materials and taken exam today. I took around 120 minutes to complete my exam and done my review for 10 minutes.

My recommended study meterials:

Read complete JSR 317 and workout examples
Purchase Pro JPA 2: Mastering the Java Persistence API book
Study well and understand the exam objectives
Don't rely on mock exam simulators untill you get confidence in theory concepts

Recommended exam simulator : oce jpa training lab
If cost is the constraint go for enthuware, but the quality is not good.

Jhon Milton
10 years ago
You need to get the input from JOptionPane input dialog and assign it to a String.

String userEnteredCapital= JOptionPane.../ your input dialog

// do some logic to verify this value

//display JOptionPane with correct message

//display JOptionPane with wrong message

Jhon Milton
10 years ago
Oh!!! great score !

So..what is next??
10 years ago

Why you are planning to take SCMAD?

Do you already have SCJP? Because we need SCJP to attend SCMAD.

Jhon Milton