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Recent posts by Jeff Allen

Congratulations Xiaoma !
These are the questions I want to ask everyone who passes the SCWCD.
1. How long did you study?
2. Which books helped you the most?
3. Any sneaky trick questions?
4. Have you been using Servlets and JSP's in your work? If so for how long?
5. Were the Mocks pretty close to the real exam?
21 years ago
Congrats Pals!
And thanks for the mnemonic tips (I love those things).
Congratulations Peter!
... and thanks for the advice. I'll use it.
Good work Sam! You're the first one I've heard say to study the specs hard. I appreciate the tip!
Carry On!
21 years ago
Me too Francisco I'd like to point my career in this direction.
21 years ago
I'm very new at this so please have mercy on what may appear to be a simple question ...
It seems that each PDA and Phone vendor that runs J2ME has a different vendor-specific implementation of "Java".
Let's say I had a great J2ME programming idea that I would like to run on all the PDAs and Phones from all the different manufacturers, let's say 15 different devices.
To market such a program wouldn't I have to write a core system stuff but then filter all I/O and/or other stuff to match each vendor's specific "interphase"?
I would like to right such a program one day and want to know if the only way to test it is to get every possible simulator and or device. it would sem that struggling with each vendor's interphase would eb more of a hassle than just writing the main program.
21 years ago
Ideally there could be a results forum for each certification exam.
Greenhorns like myself :roll: scour the results forum for warnings, tips, and well ... hope and encouragement. It would be more efficient if we just had one source for finding the info for the tests we are specifically working on now.
Or maybe one forum just for Programmer Exam results and then another results forum for everything other exam.
Thanks for asking.
You have saved me both time and money (both in short supply). Thank you so much!
21 years ago
Will someone recommend a Web Hosting service that supports both JSP and MySQL. I know Verio does but its a little too pricey for me. Any Advice?
[ May 11, 2002: Message edited by: Jeff Allen ]
21 years ago
Congrats Ricardo!
Thanks a million for your tips!
And thanks to the people of Javaranch for providing this valuable forum.
21 years ago
Thanks for providing tips for those of us who will follow!

Congratulations on Passing the Exam!

Can you tell us how long you prepared for the exam and how it compares in toughness to the SCPJ2 Exam?
My whole Java goal is to get to work in that area. It's red hot to me!
21 years ago
Well said, Joe.
My Computer Science degree has been THE deciding factor in every job I've had for the past 18 years. Ever since I first heard of Java (1995?) I knew that Java was the path I wanted to follow.
Just like recent college graduates quickly discover - it's hard to get experience without already having experience.
I trust that my Java certifications will open doors for me that were previously closed. Java experience is my goal. My certification credentials will open the first doors.
[ May 08, 2002: Message edited by: Jeff Allen ]
Thanks Adam.
Do you recommend any particular Java editor such as TextPad, UltraEdit something like that? Eventually I will want to specialize in one of the commercial API's but at this time I think I would get better experience by simple text editing. What do you think? Does this sound like a reasonable approach or should I go ahead and try to get comfortable with a particular package, and if so which one would you recommend?
[ May 04, 2002: Message edited by: Jeff Allen ]
Can one pass the Developer's Exam by doing the assignment with only a single PC or does one need to have at least two computers to test the client/server aspects? Thanks.