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Recent posts by Eung maeng

Does anyone have the memory leak error while the stringBuffer uses in while loop?

In the application, there are lots of record which needs to append with Stringbuffer.
even though Stringbuffer has been null reguarly, the memory monitoring tool shows the char[] class are eating too many memory.
GC is dropped the heap memory from the char[]. but not enough to avoid the out of memory error.

As per this problem, the memory is glowing to allocate.

I was trying to new Stringbuffer() every 500 times used or null and reuse with stringbuffer.replace(0,last "").

welcome any comments in this matter,
15 years ago
Hi YU,
Did you find nay good solution? I have exactly same situation to figure out.
if you have one, please leave here.

15 years ago
Is there any method to check incomplete file or completed file?
I have same problem to rename incomplete file while being copy a big size file.

give me advice,
15 years ago
Does anyone have a solution how to recognize whether file is completed to copy all records?

when being copy a big size file into the folder, other java application need to move other folder only after copying completed.
However, middile of being copy, other java application can move to other folder even has not been finished yet.

File class does not have a relevant method like canWrite() canRead() etc for recognize of complete.

Thus, I used lastModified to check a time and delay for a minute.
which is not good solution becuase even small size file need to wait a certern min to move other folder.

welcome any suggestion,

15 years ago
Question. how to to avoid MQException reason 2033 to print
I am runing the own MQGET class in thread. when MQ client thread try to get a message from MQ via MQGET class.
This message to print to consol on eclipse every time when no message in MQ
"MQException: MQJE001: Completion Code 2, Reason 2033".
Which is correct. However, I don't want to print this message automatically.

in own MQGET class's method uses try-catch(MQException me). I also tried to use throws MQException.

However, it still print this message to consol automatic..

Please give me an idea.

16 years ago
I also tried to convert from Bytes to String with new String(Byte[] ss).
however, I can see the string value like '245678' rather than showed strange charcters on eclipse's console.

I convert to bytes from string like '245678' when passing to external class and get the byte value as same.
Then, I am trying to see the string value '245678' after convert to string from Bytes.

However, i can not see it. Does anyone know about what's happening? please reply for me.

16 years ago
Thanks a lot, Campbell!
I trying to see the freemeory before clear() and after use System.gc().

1. I wonder whether the application(program) use System.gc() in processing

if the program is holding the memory in processing until complete, how do I check and what I can verify the processing to release the memory.

many thanks,
16 years ago
Recently, I am testing the program for performance. However, the program is taking lots of memory than expected in processing.
Thus, I tried to use min/max heap memory in run command. it's still taking the memory about 300MB or 350MB.

Please advice anything what I need to check or test with something else.. or what problem with the program.

welcome any comments.

16 years ago
Does anyone know where I can get the free dowload a websphere studio application developer?

16 years ago
I wonder how to keep the connection when external program will request to connect several time.
for example, A.class calls b.class(where JDBC connection to DB2 database) many times per day. In this case, if I don't keep the connection from B.class, i must be connected for every transaction from A.class's request.

Thus, the performance should be slower down.

please recommand what the best way is.

Hi Guys,
Does anyone explain how to execute a from Java program? I know
Process process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec ....... I can use it.
I wonder whether Java program can get a return value from qshell script. if so, how.

welcome any comments with example.

16 years ago
I really appreciate all comments.
That's why I like to visit this site..
16 years ago
hi guru,
Does anyone answer whether application java program can use Garbage collection,gc()in process?

I am trying to release the memory regurally in processing while executing the java application.

thanks for your comments,
16 years ago