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Recent posts by Mahtab Alam

1z0-047 covers lot of topics when compared to 061. There are no pre-requisites for 1z0-047 , you can take this exam directly.
Passing 1z0-047 gives you SQL Expert title but you should be ready to prepare hard for this exam, this exam is not that easy as SQL fundamentals
Good luck

It results in below output wouldn't size should be 2

Size :3


I was expecting size to be 2 and [pa, d] as output
8 years ago
Awesome , I knew you will manage it.
8 years ago
May be this will help passing OCWSD exam.

Don't loose hope your scores are much better than what I had. Fear of failure is usual, I also had and I think everybody have that.

So keep doing enthuware (carefully) and just try to be positive. I am sure you will pass it. Life does not ends on a certification exam.

Good luck for the exam
First of all thanks to all mighty dear Allah, who made it possible. I passed the Web Services Developer exam 1Z0-897 today with 69%.

I want to say big thanks to Frits Walraven for creating great enthuware tests for this exam and Mikalai Zaikin for his excellent study guide and quiz.
Enthuware and Mikalai's quiz was a great help. And how can I not mention the amazing stories that other ranchers shared, it was motivating.

I was preparing for this exam from a quite a time. First I read the Java Web Service Up and Running book by Martin Kalin, very good book as said by everyone at ranch.
Then I read Mikalai's notes for WSD6 and then Quiz. Believe me I was not doing very good at quiz, but I made sure I read all the questions except UDDI and JAXR.

Then comes the enthuware tests, I took the first test and failed (scored 31%), took the second test and failed (scored 56%), took the third test and failed (scored 56%).

But I was making my notes after each test and before taking the next test, I used to read and write code to understand the concept.

Took the fourth test and passed (scored 73%), took the fifth test and passed (scored 71%) and lastly took the last day test and failed (scored 63%)

Their were quite many questions in real exam that were similar to enthuware.
The exam was quite much therotical and for many questions it was very difficult to choose which option/options are correct.

So guys please make sure while taking the enthuware test you pay attention and do a bit of memorization.It will really help you in the real test.

It is very important to understand that even If you know practical side of web services, you might still fail the exam as it includes lot of specs.

Learnt a lot about web services while studying for the exam. Passing this exam is quite a relief.

Good luck to other, who are preparing for the exam. This exam is hard but you can do it.

8 years ago
Why below service gives error while deployment, I am using endpoint publisher to deploy it. I understand that method overloading will not work for web service , so I have to provide a different name for each web service operation, which I have done below. But why its still not working

I get below error

Exception in thread "main" class boot.jaxws.Ge
tWeather do not have a property of the name arg0
nit>(Unknown Source)
Unknown Source)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at Sou
at Sou
wn Source)
at Source)

at Source)
at Source)
oint(Unknown Source)
known Source)
nown Source)
at Source)
at boot.Publisher.main(
Caused by: javax.xml.bind.JAXBException: arg0 is not a valid property on class b
at com.sun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.JAXBContextImpl.getElementProper
tyAccessor(Unknown Source)
ropertyAccessor(Unknown Source)
... 17 more

Congratulation, keep up the good work !!!
8 years ago
I understand that different representations of a resource can be sent from the server to client. But what does state transfer means. I googled it but not able to understand what it actually means and where is that state maintained. Shouldn't it be just RET , representation transfer
I was reading wss soap message security document which says The following topics are outside the scope of this document:

Establishing a security context or authentication mechanisms.
Key derivation.
Advertisement and exchange of security policy.
How trust is established or determined.

So, does Authentication and Non-Repudiation is part of WS-Security ?
Thanks Frits, so it means we can not write Asynchronous REST Service and client prior to JAX-RS 2.0
Should I study JAX-RS 2.0 Asynchronous Server and Client for the exam. As exam does not check knowledge on JAX-RS 2.0
Can I skip it, without worrying
Got it, I called setNoStore(true) tahs why It didin't cached the result.
I am reading the JAX-RS book by bill burke, wrote below code to see how cache-control header works

But Its not caching the result , every time I make a request, it calls the server. I was expecting it will cache the result and it will reach to server only after 60 seconds, as I have set the maxAge to 60 seconds.

Why every request is going to server ?