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Recent posts by emma william

karan arora wrote: i have basic knowledge of core java and i want to take the scjp cx 310 065 exam. please advice on how i should go about it and how to prepare for it. thanks

Hai Karan Arora,

loo at this link, it may help you to get some information about this certification exam.

Varun Iyer wrote:
Hello Friends,

I had appeared for OCPJP examination last Feb. & this year I'm planning to appear for OCWCD.

I have Head First Servlets and JSP book by Bryan, Kathy & Bert with me.

I don't go for a job, so I have the entire day with me. Kindly tell me if its possible to appear OCWCD exam by Feb last week.

Also please let me know a list of very good mock simulator softwares I should buy.

How should i approach for this exam.. I intend to score atleast 95%.

Thanks in advance

EPractize labs OCEJWCD training lab simulator is well suited for you. I hope this.

Best of Luck;

Rishi Dhar wrote:Please anyone can tell me which books and mock test sites are useful for preperation of OCWCD exam?

Hey Rishi Dhar

You can look some good books in the list given by Frits Walraven. My suggestion for this exam is EPractize Labs OCEJWCD training lab because it contains the sample mock exams and study material also.

best of luck.
I used their mock exams for scjp and very useful. I am not sure about online training.
The product is good if you already have knowledge in certification topics like JAX-WS, JAXP...etc.
Though they say complete study guide I feel there are lot of topics with only review tips and not covered in depth.
The latest training lab version for oce web services is very good in terms of theory and mock exams.

- Emma William