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Thanks Guys !

@vas nathan:

As I said I wouldn't recommend anyone to prepare like the way I did, rather I would say 1 months of reading & practicing Kathy/ Berts book is sufficient for the exam and I am reiterating here- Its the best book for the exam and it indeed toughens you up for the real exam.

And you can get a dump and practice it too, but only after you have went through thoroughly the Kathy Book at least 2 times.

7 years ago
Many congratulations Deepali !
7 years ago
Hello guys,

I cleared the OCPJP 6 test today with 91% ! Feeling heavenly

I would like to share my preparation methodology and some tricks with you all:

1) As has been said thousands of times on this forum- Kathy and Berts is the best book for this exam, and indeed it is! It really toughens you up for the real exam and the Book exercises & Master Exam level are very high as compared to the real exam!

2) Regarding my preparation , well its been very inconsistent. I first started preparing for the exam last year in April and then due to some personal didn't study till October.

Then in October I started again and finished reading all the chapters from the book and when I was just about to start testing myself in different mock-tests, I again had to leave it because of some personal issues.

And finally I along with a good friend of mine re-started preparing for the exam but this time we set a deadline for ourselves, i.e exactly 1 month and we purchased the voucher well in advance and even got our exam scheduled very well in advance, i.e for Feb 9.

So obviously I wouldn't recommend that type of preparation methodology to anybody

3) And I got a dump from someone and solved some 290 questions from it in the last week. The dump questions level was very easy as compared to the Kathy Berts Book exercises & Master Exam level.

4) And on the last day tested my self with the Master Exam from Kathy Berts and got 53 % . So obviously the morale went down pretty quickly and for a moment I thought about postponing, but as I had delayed it many times before, it was a case of not delaying it further and so I just went for it.

And in the end I got 91% and I am mighty happy with the score because after getting just 53 % in the master exam, many doubt's crept into my mind and one of them was the possibility of a failure !

SO just wanted to share the experience with you guys and feeling just over the moon right now as it means a lot to me

7 years ago
Congrats Ankit for the great score and thank you for sharing your experience and learning methodology !
7 years ago
Still no luck Gurpreet ! Thanks for the help. I think lets leave it and I am considering other mocks-

What about the enthuware and whizlabs trial versions? How good are they???
I ignored all the dll errors, but still it says the same error after installing- unable to access internal system files.
I tried to install it and it completed successfully but then it tried to install Microsoft Jet Driver and it was unable to install it properly. And now when I try to open it it says 'Error occurred while accessing internal system files'.his

I am running this on Windows 7.

You have any idea how we can rectify this?
Thanks Man, I really appreciate your prompt reply and help !

gurpeet singh wrote:

there are 3 mock-test at and they are good and of higher level than the real exam. as far as the issue regarding downloading of examlab is concerned, the link provided on their site is not working. you have to google it and download from some file hosting providers like rapidshare. or i can give you my dropbox folder link in case you are unable to find it.

Hello Gurpreet,

After repeated attempts I was unable to download the examlab simulator, can you please share your dropbox folder link.?

Thanks in advance,
Guys I have got very few responses till now, I think there are many who want to learn Java and who would love to attend this good opportunity but they just aren't seeing this due to various reasons like the subject of this topic, etc.

I need some suggestions please because I am taking this batch from next Friday.

Thanks in advance,


Shiveen Pandita wrote:

As of now, I have learned lmost everything about SCJP6 from K.sierra, I'm trying to write some real world problems on my own, along with learning Swing.
but I still don't feel really confident about giving the exam.Java can be pretty convoluted sometimes (I know many will disagree, but that's a personal observation).

My question is:

Would studying Khalid Mughal book be worth the effort?

Hello Shiveen -

Swing isn't part of the exam and you don't need to focus on real world problems also because very rarely we use these concepts in the real world, i.e the concepts on the exam.

And about your second question, I agree with Anayonkar and I would also suggest to just try some mock tests like the ones on and see how much do you score on them, that way you can know about your level of preparation for the real exam.

I hope that helps !
I agree with Gurpreet, it seems that the issue is due to the old java version you are using.
I think yes Kathy Sierra covers everything there is in the exam objectives and it has got it's own Master Exam tests which are pretty difficult also. And has a good collection of mock tests. So you can prepare through those and see what your current level is.
ok let's wait until tomorrow and see if we have someone to help.


Rameshwar Soni wrote:Yes it is possible to change the topic tittle but you or me cannot do that, only Moderator (Bartender) or people with higher ranking like Sheriffs, Marshals etc can do that. So you might have to wait until they see your post.

Oh, can I contact them about this or do you know someone with a higher ranking whom I can contact on this?