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since Apr 29, 2012
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Recent posts by Monish Patel

Hi all,

While installing Tomact6, I have not entered anyhting for "Tomcat administrator Login-optional".
Now I see that tomcat has been succesfully installed (chked this by typing teh url http://localhost:8080/)

1) Now, on that Tomcat page, on the left side, I see two links "Status" and "Tomcat Manager".
When I click on these links, they ask me for credentials. From wat I googled, I came to know that I need to change my
tomcat-users.xml file. I see that my users and role were commented. When I try to uncomment, I m not able to edit the
tomcat-users.xml at all. I m an administrator, bt i m still not able to edit the tomcat-users.xml file, donno why???

2) Also. when I go to All progms->Apache Tomcat6.0 Tomcat6->Configure Tomcat or Monitor Tomcat, Apache Tomcat6.0 Tomcat6
properties WINDOW open up,instead of the web app opening?

Could you all please help me out? I jus donno how to proceed from here
10 years ago