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Recent posts by Gurucharan MaheshKumar

Thanks Surya for your answer. I could negotiate it to 9000 ringets/month.
The company is located in Subang Jaya- Next to Summit Shopping Complex (half an hour from KL)

What do you people say is it a good offer? I have heard people get 15,000 ringets/month easily. Please help me people
10 years ago
I have been offered Senior Software Engineer position in Malaysia & my salary is 8000 MR. (before tax) and I am in a big fix whether to accept it or not

I am currently working in India in a reputed company paying me 10.5 lakhs/annum. I have 5 years of experience on .net platform. I stay with my parents in own house and my living expenses are very less. I can save around 64,000 INR per month easily.
Considering that I will be traveling alone, can anyone please let me know whether it is a good salary or not ?

What will be the cost of living? I googled and found out it comes to around 3500 to 4000 MR per month.
So considering this and 10% tax on salary, I would be able to save around 3500 MR ( 61,000 INR ) per month. I don't see any change in my savings. But the company says what they have offered me is good for my experience. I was thinking of pushing my salary to 9000 MR per month but the HR says that is way too much for a senior software developer

I would like to review this offer. Please help me
Also,how about the software industry in Malaysia & any other details if required.
10 years ago
Thanks a lot for your answers.
I will change my name to my real name (sorry for using fake name) !

Today I had a discussion with my Staffing head and Recruitment head. They had called me for a meeting. They apologized saying it was something that happened at the last moment (business issue). They said I am free to take any decision and they will support it ( like joining some other company, joining old company, etc)

I asked them what they could do from their side. They are giving me assurance saying if they get any project which involves travel to Europe or Australia or UK , they will put my name on top priority. They feel it might take 2 to 4 months for a new project to happen. Till then they want me to work on some offshore project. I can choose any project which I want is what they are saying. They seemed to be quite honest in their talk.

Now what do you guys feel? Should I believe them or go ahead and search for a new job?
They have put me in a fix
10 years ago

I have around 5 yrs experience as a .net developer. I am from Bangalore, India. I was working in a start up company for 2.5 years. Then I switched my job to work in a product MNC. I was getting very good pay hike there. But I needed a change - something like onsite travel and exploring new culture, people, more money , etc.
My requirement was very clear. I would switch my job only if I get an onsite opportunity immediately. I was recently interviewed by a services company. It was an opportunity which involved travelling to Australia for 6 months to 1 year and then continue development offshore. I cleared all their rounds and even client round. I was made an offer which was not so good but around 20% hike than my current CTC. I did not negotiate much on salary since I needed onsite immediately. I joined this company a week back. Now this new company people are telling me that onsite project got cancelled due to some legal issues. Now they are asking me to take up a different project offshore which I don't want to.
I feel I am cheated by this company. I left my old company only because of onsite offer else I was very happy in my old company. I don't know what to do now. I feel I spoiled my career after having so much experience in this software field.
Should I again switch to one more product company which will give me very good hike leaving my dreams of travel? I got this opportunity after 1.5 years of long search since no company sends an employee onsite in 1month or so.
I am feeling very low infact I don't know how should I feel also (being very honest)

Please suggest....
10 years ago