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Recent posts by tom walters

are there any issues if you use a dao and then later on decide to use clustering? by dao i mean an object that obtains a db connection from a pool, contains sql, and exposes high level methods such as findOverdueAccounts. i think it should be fine, but i remember someone bringing up an issue with this but i cannot recall what that issue was.
i'd like to make some assumptions in part2 to simplify things. is there such a thing as making an assumption that fits what was given in the problem that makes things too trivial and thus would not be accepted by the graders?
i think UML Distilled is overrated, there are much better books available on uml so, if you can, return the book. to me, it is basically useless for part2 (component diagrams?). the togethersoft uml tutorial is fine for part 1.
it turned out to be a data loading issue, exactly what i am not sure (another team manages the data). the java code was fine and it works now w/ out any changes.
data is:
and it is stored in oracle as a varchar2(250)
when i pull it out with rs.getString(1) i get -7803 (the result of the math operation) instead of +55-19-3737-4102. i always thought getString() doesn't do any conversions, what is going on?
when i view the data in toad, it is +55-19-3737-4102.
Congratulations, excellent score! Can you share some information about your component diagram? The best resource i have been able to find on it is:
do you have any more?
congratulations. strange that you got a perfect score on the sequence and class diagrams but lost 20 on the component diagram. they should be a little more clear on their grading criteria and give feedback so you know what you did wrong.
can you share some information about your component diagram? did you make it more of a deployment diagram by including the hardware? did you include additional hardware such as a load balancer, firewall.
The company reminds me of the Rush song 'Fly by Night'. I recommend you download it and listen while you read the assignment.

Originally posted by Abadula Joshi:
Posted by Tom,

Tom, I think 40 hours on it is a good deal for the certification. If he has more meaningful and chanllenging real world project waiting for him to work on, I don't see any point of spending another extra 1 hour on the SCEA "mini" project.


maybe i have higher expectations than you and we have different goals wrt the scea and certifications in general. I use them as a means to improve and refine my skills. I go beyond what is needed to "just pass". i couldn't care less if i used it on the exam or not, to me the most important aspect of a certification is the road to getting it.

Originally posted by Douglas Kent:
I took a week calendar time, 40 hours or so actual work time, to complete the project. The score was not the best--I think one reason was that I left out user state tracking discussion, so make sure you cover how to do this in your discussion. On to the next cert!
Good luck all,

79% and on to the next cert? are you collecting these things like baseball cards? maybe if you took a little longer than 1 week you would have gotten a better score. what is the hurry?
LEAVE NOW. we don't need your kind here, you traitor!
[ October 25, 2002: Message edited by: tom walters ]
when we need access to database tables in our business logic, we use a dao in the stateless session bean containing the business logic instead of creating an entity bean and having the stateless session bean access the entity bean. when would an entity bean be the prefered solution? what are the advantages of using them instead of a dao in a slsb?
if you omit the <assembly-descriptor> tag in ejb-jar.xml for ejb 1.1, what values do they default to, particularly <trans-attribute>?
Mannu, how would you compare the level of detail in your solution compared to the level of detail Cade gives in his study guide for his part2 case study solution?
i hope at least $550 which is the total cost in the usa. do most employers pay for your exam or is it out of your own pocket?