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Recent posts by Ken Kestner

Darryl Burke wrote:You could use a WebView instead of a TextArea. The WebEngine's HTML support includes support for the IMG tag.

edit: or a HTMLEditor

Do you have any links to examples where the WebView is made editable or for adding an image to an HTMLEditor?

Also, in the application I'm writing, I'd like to be able to save the content, including the image to a database. I'll also
need some way to decode the image when retrieving from the db. Is this possible?

10 years ago
I've been experimenting with an Accordion control, with the intention of placing a statistics area in one section, and a work area in another.

The current design of this control appears to be "top to bottom" ( i.e. the areas are stacked vertically, and the divider bars are horizontol ).

I havent been able to find away to change the orientation to allow left to right stacking. What I want to end up with is something
similar to a SplitPane, but where the divider is clickable rather than draggable.

Is this possible?
10 years ago

John Damien Smith wrote:You can find some sample code to achieve a modal dialog with rounded corners in JavaFX 2.1 here => "JavaFX Modal Confirm Dialog Box Example"

That did the trick, changing from StageStyle.UNDECORATED to StageStyle.TRANSPARENT appeared to work - although I cant figure out why I'm not getting the standard title bar icons now.

Getting some jaggies around the edges, but I can live with it.


Is there any way to move the transparency and opacity settings to my CSS file? I'd prefer to have zero
style settings in my code.
10 years ago
I'm attempting to emulate a modal dialog with a Stage.

The "body" of the dialog utilizes the following css to have rounded corners at the bottom.

It looks find until it appears over a background that isnt pure white - you can see the white corners of the scene.

The scene has a method "setOpacity", however setting opacity to zero hides the entire scene, even though
I've tried setting the opacity for the individual controls to 1.

Any way to avoid this, or just go with non-rounded corners?

10 years ago