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since May 15, 2012
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Recent posts by gaurav sha

Hardik Dos wrote:Hi Gaurav, congrats for your success. I just passed OCA-1 exam today with 72% on my second attempt. I would like to prepare for OCP-2, have you got a chance to give it a go?

Hi Hardik,

Yes Man, I wanted to clear OCP as well but I got into different project @work and they were using SOA so had to give my preparation a break. I since then couldnt take enough time out for OCP. I think, Yes, OCP is tough. Especially there are many topics compared to OCA. It will definitely need dedicated time and good preparation like 2-3 months. And with enthuware results like >=75% it should be enough to clear the exam as I have read some other people experiences where they say that actual exam was bit easier than enthuware (but its not guranteed its based on 'their' experience.)
Good luck with your preparation and exam. Let me know if I can help with anything else
3 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Congrats! For the OCP 8, note there are a lot of differences from the OCP 7. So you can still use parts of K&B. But be aware that some topics in the book are no longer on the exam and some topics have been added.

Hi Jeanne,

First of all thanks much for writing a very thorough study guides they are really helpful. Yes, I am ready with my prep stack for OCP exam

OCP Study Guide J&S
OCA Study Guide J&S

3 years ago
Cant be happier that last night I got my eCertificate and now I got my Oracle badge as well. I have added it here on Acclaim after creating an account. Looks pretty nice now only
Gaurav Sharma Badge OCA on Acclaim
3 years ago
Thanks Paul.
Yes it was

Paul Anilprem wrote:Congratulations, Gaurav!
Glad to know that our simulator was helpful in your preparation

3 years ago
Thanks much Henry. Now I am preparing for OCP  

Henry Wong wrote:

Congrats. And glad to know that these forums were part of your success !!


3 years ago
HI Narayana,

firstly, Thanks for your wishes. secondly, your request made me look for your all previous posts where you have made similar request to other people sharing their experience, Sadly, I find none of your post with same request. I guess, there must be something in my post made you think like that specifically for me. I dont know what type of people do that (what you have typed) and their reasons. Anyways, with due respect, I am not going to share my badge url / certificate url here, there or anywhere unless I am applying for a new Job .
I wanted to share my journey here so I did.

3 years ago
Hi All,

I would like to share a good news that I cleared my OCA exam in my first attempt with 81%. it has not been very smooth journey for me on mock tests thought. I failed initial tests from enthuware (later scored really high after correcting/improving my test taking skills).
I read These 2 books:
1. OCA: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-808 1st Edition
2. OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide (Exams 1Z0-803 & 1Z0-804) (Certification Press) 1st Edition

I gave all sectional tests. scored close to 75% in them.
didnt gave complete OCA test came with books.

1. ENTHUWARE Mock tests
JA+ V8  for Oracle Certified Associate - Java SE8 Programmer I

I gave 4 of them scores were 60% (Morning), 66% (evening), 70%(after a day of revision - morning ), 81% (next day morning).
After tests, I Followed each and every question to check if my reasoning was right or not and why an answer is right.

then Took a day of break from everything and just kept on revising concepts in my minds.
Gave the exam today, cleared with 81% (exact same as that of my last 4th enthuware test score ;) ).

1. learn concepts from Kathy siera & bert bates book, this book is solid. Then just tested my understanding with the other books but some concepts like final variable initialization and use of _ in number , topics like these have been very clearly mentioned in Jeanny's book.
2. Enthuware exams are tough related to actual OCA exams, so if you dont score more in enthuware dont feel bad just correct your concepts on questions you got wrong.
3. I got 3 questions exactly the same as that I encountered in enthuware mock exams.

Thanks much for this forum and contributors for all the knowledge sharing.

NEXT IS OCP for me:)


3 years ago