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Grace Ruhland

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Recent posts by Grace Ruhland

Contact Grace at 408-912-2909 or email resumes to gracer "at" tellussol "dot" com
Title : Senior Software Engineer
Location : Pleasanton, CA
Duration : Full Time

Job Description :

Key Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
· Define, design and implement cutting-edge software and modify existing software to add features. Specify product internal/external interfaces. Contribute innovative ideas for components and system architecture.
· Responsible for coordinating tasks and deliverables amongst delivery team members including QA, Operations and Infrastructure.
· Work with Business Analysts to review business requirements, minimize ambiguity and incomplete requirements, identify opportunities for engaging business review throughout the solution development and provide technical leadership and advice as needed.
· Ensure design, code coverage, code reviews, are done as appropriate.
· Initiate informal reviews of ideas and technical objectives within and across business units.
· Initiate requirements definition, hands-on lab debugging and interaction with version control and problem tracking systems.
· Responsible for the adoption and implementation of Blackhawks software development methodology by driving the use of best practices like SCRUM, Test Driven Development and Agile Model Driven Development.
· Responsible for the adoption of software architecture best practices like code reusability, pattern oriented architecture, coding standards, modularization of code, aspect oriented programming etc within the technology team.

· Master/Bachelors degree in Computer Science or related discipline
· 6+ years of software development experience with core Java and J2EE.
· Strong OO Design skills. Hands on knowledge of SOA and SOAP / REST Web Services implementation, design patterns and practices.
· Experience working in an Agile/Scrum environment.
· Experience with Core Java 1.5 or above, with exposure to multithreading concepts.
· Experience with J2EE technologies such as Servlets/JSP, JMX, JNDI.
· Experience with Struts Framework or other MVC Frameworks.
· Experience with Java Script based frameworks such as EXT-JS, YUI, etc
· Hands-on experience in UNIX shell scripting and ANT scripts.
· Hands-on experience in DB Design using DB2 or Oracle with good exposure to SQL.
· Excellent strengths in time management and organization skills with an aptitude toward creative problem solving.
· Proven self-starter. Track record of managing multiple complex tasks.
· Ability to be productive and effective within a matrix organization.
· Excellent communicator verbal and written skills required.
· Experience with JPOS highly desirable
Experience in finance, payment industry is a plus

9 years ago
Hello ,

This has reference to your Resume on the Internet further to which I was wondering if you’d be interested in pursuing a Java Engineer opportunity from a Client of mine at ‘Atlanta, GA’, the description is as follows:

Location: Atlanta, GA & Boston, MA
Position titles: Java Engineer/Software Engineer/Senior Software Engineer/Java Architect
Position type: Full-time

Required Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s or Advanced degree in either Computer Science or other disciplines of engineering
• Experience between: 2-15 yrs in Java/J2EE technology
• Over two (2) years of total experience in design and engineering of mission critical software products
• Experience in engineering high-volume enterprise class software applications/products for verticals such as Finance and Banking
• Extensive hands on experience in design and development of products using Java open source frameworks like, Spring, Hibernate, Drools, etc.

Should this interest you, please respond IMMEDIATELY with your updated Resume and I shall call you to discuss this opportunity further.

This is an EMERGENCY so please respond as soon as you get to see this email.

Best regards

Grace Ruhland| Senior Recruiter | US | +1 713 589 7069
10 years ago