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Recent posts by Vijay Albuquerque

I have been in Sydney, Australia for around 3 weeks now and have been searching the main job sites,,, etc. for Java/JavaEE openings.

I have noticed most openings are just re-phrased by different agencies, hence the 'real' number of job postings on these websites is far fewer than the 'total' results.

Also, is the primary approach for finding Java openings just these websites or are there any other sources?

Any suggestions, pointers to approaching the local Java market in Australia would be highly appreciated...

Many Thanks in Advance...
13 years ago

My mistake... I had (by mistake) knocked off the @taglib directive for JSTL Core
17 years ago
I have a JSP page with EL code that has been tested and works fine. I have added Tiles to the page and surrounded the body (containing EL) with:

Now, the EL does not respond in the page! If I replace the EL with JSP scriptlets, the page works fine!! Is the 'bodycontent' tag incompatible with EL or am I missing something here ??

Many Thanks in advance...
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17 years ago
I am planning on taking the 257 Certification and had a couple of queries...

01. I plan on completing my ICED certification once I (hopefully ) pass 257. Does that mean that I can substitute 287 with 257 and complete ICED by giving 486 & 484?

02. Nicholas, in your last post you mentioned about the study material being 'More than 1400 pages!' - Can you please elaborate on the study material/resources needed for 257 as this is my first IBM exam.

Many Thanks in Advance!!
According to what I understand, FORM based authentication is a convinience extension of BASIC that is provided by the Servlet Container. FORM internally uses BASIC authentication but provides you a wrapper to use a custom form.
Please correct me if I am wrong!
I have been reading the JSP 2.0 spec and it keeps using the JSTL core library. As far as I am aware, EL is now part of JSP, however JSTL has still got to be referenced through an external library.

I am using Apache Tomcat 5, which implements the JSP 2.0 spec and I cannot use JSTL directly without providing for an external library.

Hence, my question: Is JSTL part of JSP 2.0?

Thanks in adv.
Hi Joe,
You could try this to create a local list from the data in the context list:

Since we have created a new local object, the local list is now thread safe!

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A PUT request is used to publish a resource on a server and associate it with the Request URI.
Eg. Suppose a file new.html is PUT on a server using the request URI http://www.testserver/old.html, the server stores new.html in the file system and associates 'http://www.testserver/old.html' to new.html
The file name is independent of the associated URI.

POST is used to transfer data to the server for processing.

Going by Bert's HINT - Both MVC and Front Controller promote a single centralized Controller Servlet.

According to what I understand - Front Controller is a simplified form of MVC. Front Controller qualifies the Controller and View. MVC goes a step further and qualifies the Controller, View and also Data (Model).

Please correct me if I am wrong!

I have been comparing the objectives of the 1.3 and 1.4 exam and I was wondering which topics, if any, have been DROPPED in the 1.4 exam.

Also, is there any link/resource/thread that lists the changes to the specs.
1. The Servlet 2.4 Spec deprecates the SingleThreadedModel interface.
2. The page directive has an added attribute (isELIgnored).

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Pradeep,
The Servlet Spec states that a servlet container is allowed, but not required to buffer output going to the client.

Hi Smita,
Starting with the new XML Schema Deployment Descriptor in J2EE 1.4,
all JSP-specific elements, except the <jsp-file> element nested within the <servlet> element, are now grouped together under a new top-level element named <jsp-config>.
Hi Pradeep,
The following is from the J2EE Docs for HttpServletResponse.sendError() and HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect():

If the response has already been committed, this method throws an IllegalStateException. After using this method, the response should be considered to be committed and should not be written to.

Hence, the final output written should be considered to throw an IllegalStateException
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I found this question on a Mock...

The answer stated is: Line 4
1. Considering that the Strings are created in a method, are they subject to Garbage Collection as they would be created on the Stack ???
2. Supposedly, if the Strings are created at CLASS LEVEL, are String literals eligible for Garbage Collection?
Thanks in Adv.
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